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! '''Member''' !! '''Present''' !! '''Member''' !! '''Present'''
! '''Member''' !! '''Present''' !! '''Member''' !! '''Present'''
| [ Diana Proud-Madruga]|| x || Andrea Christenot ||  
| [ Diana Proud-Madruga]- SOA co-chair|| x || Andrea Christenot ||  
|  Dave Silver || x || David Pyke || x
|  Dave Silver || x || David Pyke || x

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  • Review minutes from last meeting
  • Get updates regarding tasks
  • Plan next steps



Member Present Member Present
Diana Proud-Madruga- SOA co-chair x Andrea Christenot
Dave Silver x David Pyke x
Ken Salyards x Doug Timpe
Suzanne Gonzales-Webb

Meeting summary

  • Reviewed task list from last meeting:
  • Doug and Diana met separately to work on the Audit Services Wiki. Diana showed the new Audit Services wiki and discussed some of the finer points to working with gForge *with Dave P.
  • Dave P. was able to get the original modeling diagrams from Pat Pyette. Diana to add those diagrams to gForge with a link on the wiki page.
  • Everyone indicated a need for more time to review the old document in order to come up with a plan for this project. We took a preliminary look at the old document. Dave Pyke suggested bringing up Audit use cases at the next CBCC meeting.


  • Diana: Send link to wiki to entire list and finish uploading legacy docs to gForge.
  • Diana: Identify items from the PSS that are missing in the old document.
  • Diana to send request to Suzanne to add a tickler to the CBCC & Security agendas.
  • Everyone: Identify what we want to keep from the old doc and what we want to get rid of.