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2016-01-04 Rx Conf Call

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Attendees to be updated

  • John Hatem
  • Zabrina Gonzaga
  • Michelle Miller
  • Scott Robertson (Chair)
  • Chris Nickerson
  • Jose Costa Teixeira

FHIR Workflow Meetings Status

update on Action item:  Scott - find / asked for / create(?) a 1-pager explanation of what the business need and proposed solution.


Action: Jose to provide short explanation of openMedicine.
From:	Jose Costa Teixeira 
Date:	12/22/2015 02:41 PM
Subject:	openMedicine presentation to HL7 Pharmacy

Dear Colleagues
Thank you for planning the discussion on openMedicine in the next WGM.  As requested, you'll find below the description of the openMedicine project.
The website for the project is
openMedicine Identification and substitution of medicinal products
Large scale eHealth implementations of the patient summary and ePrescription services are a policy priority of the eHealth Network of European Union Member State representatives. This requires scalable and sustainable solution of two problems:
- First, how can medicinal products be identified so that they are safely dispensed across border in another Member State and globally?
- Second, if substitution of medicinal products for therapeutic and/or economic reasons is permitted in a Member State, how are the relevant medicinal products identified when the original prescription comes from another Member State?
OPENMEDICINE advances the unique identification of medicinal products and the safety of cross-border health care through focused actions to deliver:
- a common data model for prescribed medication based on global standards
- an unambiguous vocabulary for description and identification of medicinal and pharmaceutical products
- robust rules to regulate and gradually harmonize concepts and practices of therapeutic and economic substitution
- a global implementation roadmap to realise interoperable and safe eHealth services across local, state, and International borders
- coordination of OPENMEDICINE practical solutions and policy recommendations with the EU/US roadmap process for eHealth cooperation
With the current insight, there are potentially areas where HL7 standards will be instrumental, like guidance on identifying the products in cross-border prescriptions, or the interoperability of product catalogues.
Looking forward to the discussion
Kind regards

FHIR Ballot Discussion Items

    • A = Dosage Related
    • B = Terminology
    • C = Misc
    • D =
    • E = Examples
    • F = Multiple indications/reason for order
    • G = Status
    • H = Medication Related
    • I = Mappings

8778 – dosage based on body surface area

  • discussion item for Orlando (Chemotherapy related) Tuesday Q1

8442 – MedicationPrescription – clarify datewritten and prescriber – group discussed final decision noted in GForge item

update on Action item: Jose to create new change request to address the documentation work only and separate from the infrastructure issue.
update on Action item:  Jose will develop a resolution for consideration at the next call. Principly 8442, could impact 5827, 8276, 8378, 8526, 8783 .   Jose created 9087, need confirmation if this is the item that addresses the above request.  I believe it is.  
  • 12/14 - discussion on this issue did not result in any changes to item 8442. Needs further discussion.
  • 1/4 - FHIR workflow may impact the decision make on 10/8. Need to confirm how this fits into the FHIR workflow concerns (eg, consistent naming)

Other FHIR Items

  • PSS for FHIR content created
    • Sent to pharmacy list in <find date>
    • Plan is to approved this in Orlando Pharmacy WGM.

5925 & 8021 (grouping A)

5925 - Recommend add "free text SIG" to description of .dosage.text

8021 - 2015May core #1346 - Differentiate Dispense.dosageInstructions vs. prescription.dosageInstructions

  • 1/4 - reviewed John's spreadsheet. looks at the descriptions for "instruction-related" attributes across resources.
    • for example, should dosageInstruction.text and dosage.text be the same ... or at least consistent
  • plan to discuss further (and conclude?) in Orlando


  • Tracker items was created by Michelle
  • FHIR will be sending out weekly updates for items on the FHIR tracker.

ARB Project

  • no recent calls. ARB doing a survey to find a day/time for call
  • to develop mapping between FHIR and RIM
  • will probably have informal discussion in Orlando

Other business

January Orlando WGM schedule

January 2016 Pharmacy WGM Agenda

  • reviewed and updated

Next meeting

  • Next meeting Monday, Jan 25th