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2016-01-04 Rx Conf Call

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Attendees to be updated

  • John Hatem
  • Zabrina Gonzaga
  • Michelle Miller
  • Scott Robertson (Chair)
  • Chris Nickerson
  • Jose Costa Teixeira

FHIR Workflow Meetings Status

update on Action item:  Scott - find / asked for / create(?) a 1-pager explanation of what the business need and proposed solution.


Action: Jose to provide short explanation of openMedicine.

FHIR Ballot Discussion Items

    • A = Dosage Related
    • B = Terminology
    • C = Misc
    • D =
    • E = Examples
    • F = Multiple indications/reason for order
    • G = Status
    • H = Medication Related
    • I = Mappings

8778 – dosage based on body surface area

  • discussion item for Orlando (Chemotherapy related) Tuesday Q1

8442 – MedicationPrescription – clarify datewritten and prescriber – group discussed final decision noted in GForge item

update on Action item: Jose to create new change request to address the documentation work only and separate from the infrastructure issue.
update on Action item:  Jose will develop a resolution for consideration at the next call. Principly 8442, could impact 5827, 8276, 8378, 8526, 8783 .   Jose created 9087, need confirmation if this is the item that addresses the above request.  I believe it is.  
  • 12/14 - discussion on this issue did not result in any changes to item 8442. Needs further discussion.
  • 1/4 - FHIR workflow may impact the decision make on 10/8. Need to confirm how this fits into the FHIR workflow concerns (eg, consistent naming)

Other FHIR Items

  • PSS for FHIR content created
    • Sent to pharmacy list in <find date>
    • Plan is to approved this in Orlando Pharmacy WGM.

5925 & 8021 (grouping A)

5925 - Recommend add "free text SIG" to description of .dosage.text

8021 - 2015May core #1346 - Differentiate Dispense.dosageInstructions vs. prescription.dosageInstructions

  • 1/4 - reviewed John's spreadsheet. looks at the descriptions for "instruction-related" attributes across resources.
    • for example, should dosageInstruction.text and dosage.text be the same ... or at least consistent
  • plan to discuss further (and conclude?) in Orlando


  • Tracker items was created by Michelle
  • FHIR will be sending out weekly updates for items on the FHIR tracker.

ARB Project

  • no recent calls. ARB doing a survey to find a day/time for call
  • to develop mapping between FHIR and RIM
  • will probably have informal discussion in Orlando

Other business

January Orlando WGM schedule

January 2016 Pharmacy WGM Agenda

  • reviewed and updated

Next meeting

  • Next meeting Monday, Jan 25th