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HL7 PLA Call Minutes

Location: Phone: +1 770-657-9270, Participant Code: 985371,

Date: 2015-11-04
Time: 2PM
Facilitator Mary Kay/ Austin Note taker(s) Anne
Attendee Name

Calvin Beebe
Woody Beeler
Lorraine Constable
Bo Dagnall
Jean Duteau,
Rick Haddorff
x Tony Julian
Paul Knapp
Austin Kreisler,
x Lynn Laakso
x Mary Kay McDaniel
x Brian Pech
John Quinn
John Roberts
Andy Stechishin
x Gora Datta
x Harry Solomon
x Jane Daus
no quorum definition


  • Agenda review
  • Building out V2. as a product family per the BAM


  • Mary Kay reviews PLA's work and purpose of call today: the creation of a product family for version 2.
  • Mary Kay reviews slide deck
  • Brian Pech notes that methodology may evolve
  • Gora wonders if there should be a box at the bottom for implementation. Mirror image of the governance board with arrows to methodology. Needs a feedback loop.
  • Jane Daus: where does implementation guide fall? Mary Kay: that's where CGIT falls in methodology.
  • Mary Kay: thoughts on having three places to go for methodology (InM, CGIT, and Vocab?)
    • Brian: I think you want to look at existing processes for gaps. Current way of doing things is not much more than folklore. Needs to be organized, categorized, and catalogued.
    • Harry: need to establish the going forward philosophy of version 2. InM will implement policy but need to have governance discussion of overall policy for version 2. Brian states a project is being undertaken to do that and is being discussed on V2 publishing calls.
  • Group agrees that publishing should be the managing group. Brian states that one item we'll need to discuss is, in terms of management group for publishing, is the role of the chapter editors and how relevant that role is (or isn't) to the management group.
  • Who do we need for the next steps? Brian: we should get as many publishing co-chairs in the discussion as we can; Tony or an InM representative; perhaps CGIT. Mary Kay: In two weeks, PLA will discuss next steps and the move some of this discussion to the publishing call? Lynn suggests sending an envoy to the V2 publishing call to introduce the topic and gather opinion and invite to the next PLA call. Next publishing call 11/17 at 3:00 pm. Brian will invite Andy to join as publishing cochair. Mary Kay will join.
  • Mary Kay asks for documentation on the publishing workflow; Brian mentions Jane did one for V2. Is there one for V3? Will check with Woody. Mission and Charter was ratified in October.
  • Next PLA call: talk about how to move forward on product family management group

Meeting Outcomes

Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

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