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20151029 OO FHIR conCall

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HL7 OO on FHIR (for Orders and Observations)

Call in details:
Phone: +1 770-657-9270, Passcode: 398652

Join the meeting at:

Date: 2015-11-12
2015 - 02:00 PM (Eastern Time, GMT -04 DST)
Chair: Riki Merrick ( left after 30 mintues) Note taker(s):
Quorum = chair + 4 yes first half hour
Co chairs Riki Merrick Rob Hausam Lorraine Constable Patrick Lloyd Ken McKaslin Hans Buitendijk
Fhir Editor/Facilitator Eric Haas


Rob Hausam

Eric Haas

Scott Robertson

Ron van Dyne

Jose C-T

Scott Robertson

Riki - left early


  • Roll Call -
  • Agenda Check
    • reviewed pulled items frompending block votes
  • Administrative

Action items

  • Block Vote on Device topics/ Follow up...
    • reviewed pulled items frompending block votes
  1. 8181 – defer until clairification and guidance from FHIR I on meaning of repeats and logical vs common usage of ‘and’ and ‘or’
  2. 5623 - developed general approach to scope boundaries agreed to submitter withdrew proposal.
  3. 7254 - agreed to propose dropping udi element and use identifier element instead.

pending block vote:

  • Pulled 8925 add UDI string HRF formats to Identifer type codes (None)
  • Pulled8929 extensions for GUDID data elements (None)
  • 5985 Suggest that if a UDI is present that it alone be recorded, and other values be recorded when there is not UDI present (Eric Haas) Not Persuasive
  • 5507 Jan 2015 Ballot Comment #444 (Leslie Tompkins) Not Persuasive with Mod
  • 6875 2015May sdc #92 - Body Structures vs: go up from "anatomical site" to "anatomical or acquired body site (442083009) (Jay Lyle) Persuasive
  • Pulled8181 make Schedule repeating for expressing things like give a 3Pm and before bedtime (Eric Haas) Persuasive
  • Pulled8926 Provide Clearer guidance for UDI components (None) Persuasive
  • 8927 Clarify Device scope in introduction (None) Persuasive
  • Pulled5623 scope and boundary between device and b/t/o, (Eric Haas) Persuasive with Mod
  • Pulled7254 2015May core #373 - UDI doesn't identify repository/jurisdiction (Paul Knapp) In Person Persuasive with Mod
  • 8928 W5 Mapping and reordering of device (None) Persuasive with Mod

8402 DiagnosticReport performer (Michelle Miller) Persuasive

  • Project Proposals
  • Connectathon

Discussion Topics

  • DiagnosticOrder resource: [1]
  • Order resource: [2]
  • OrderResponse resource: [3]

Review Tracker Items

  • AOB (Any Other Business)


Next Steps

Actions (Include Owner, Action Item, and due date)
Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items


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