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20151008 FGB FMG WGM

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HL7 TSC FGB+FMG Meeting Minutes

Location: Atlanta 5

Date: 2015-10-08
Time: 3:00pm PM U.S. Eastern
Facilitator: Lloyd McKenzie (FMG) Note taker(s): Dave Shaver (FGB)



  • Roll call -
  • Agenda Review


Convened at 3:35pm; Lloyd chair; Dave notes

Finalization of DSTU 2.1 content criteria

General Resources

  • Thawed
    • DataElement
    • Encounter
    • Practitioner
  • Thaw Candidates -- awaiting details on why they should be thawed prior to call on Wed 10/14; if no valid reasons are provided, they will remain frozen
    • Condition
    • ValueSet
  • Freeze
    • DocumentManifest
    • ImagingStudy
    • ImagineObjectSelection
  • Motion to thaw/freeze/pend as listed above
    • David move/ Ewout second
    • Passed 12-0-0 (30 in room)

Infrastructure Resources

Missed notes

Finalization of DSTU 2.1 timelines

  • Schedule 2.1 for May ballot
  • Publication in mid-to-late June

Confirmation of plans around QA policy for 2.1

FHIR Registry

Hot topics

Next Steps

Actions (Include Owner, Action Item, and due date)
Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

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