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##Q1 - V2
##Q1 - V2
###[ Proposal 839 Inclusion of NTE in ADT Messages ]
##Q2 - Joint with ITS
##Q2 - Joint with ITS
##Q3 - Joint with CGIT
##Q3 - Joint with CGIT

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InM Atlanta 2015 WGM agenda

  1. Monday
    1. Q3 Joining OO Hosting /FHIR/FM/M&M/PA/PC/PHARM/SOA
    2. Q4 Joining OO Hosting /FHIR/FM/M&M/PA/PC/PHARM/SOA
  2. Tuesday
    1. Q1 - V2
      1. Proposal 839 Inclusion of NTE in ADT Messages
    2. Q2 - Joint with ITS
    3. Q3 - Joint with CGIT
      1. Separate chapter 2B from the "main" standard. Have the latest conformance "model" apply to any HL7 v2.x version. A PSS is coming.
      2. Replace CE, CNE, CWE, IS, ID with a simple coded element and a complex coded element datatypes (this was introduced to InM in January).
    4. Q4 - Joint with FMG/ITS
  3. Wednesday
    1. Q4 - Hosting VOCAB
  4. Thursday
    1. Q1 joint with VOCAB/CGIT