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20150210 arb minutes

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ARB - Meeting (Date in Title)


  1. Call to order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of Agenda and February 3, 2015 Minutes
  4. Management
    1. Motion to ballot BAM in May, 2015 (5 minutes)
    2. ARB membership on FGB
  5. Governance
  6. Methodology
    1. BAM Review:
      1. BAM Lite Examples (10 minutes)
      2. BAM lite review (45 Minutes)
  7. Other business and planning
  8. Adjournment

Meeting Information

HL7 ArB Work Group Meeting Minutes

Location: Telcon

Date: 20150210
Time: 5:00pm U.S. Eastern
Facilitator Julian, Tony Note taker(s) Julian, Tony
Attendee Name Affiliation
X Bond,Andy NEHTA
X Constable, Lorraine Constable Consulting Inc.
R Dagnall, Bo HP Enterprise Services
X Hufnagel, Steve ?????
X Julian, Tony Mayo Clinic
X Knapp, Paul Pknapp Consulting
. Loyd, Patrick ICode Solutions
X Lynch, Cecil Accenture
X Milosevic, Zoran Deontik Pty Ltd
. Quinn, John Health Level Seven, Inc.
R Stechishin,Andy CANA Software and Service Ltd.
. Guests
X Mead, Charlie Vidal Group, Paris,France
X McDaniel, Mary Kay Cognosante, LLC
. Laakso, Lynn HL7
. Legend
X Present
. Absent
R Regrets
Quorum Requirements (Co-chair + 3) Met: Yes


  1. Approval of Agenda and February 3, 2015 Minutes
    1. Motion to approve agenda as modified (Stephen/Lorraine)
    2. Vote Unanimous
  2. Management
    1. BAM ballot
      1. Motion to ballot BAM Informative in May, 2015 (Lorraine, Paul)
      2. Vote Unanimous
    2. ARB membership on FGB
      1. Motion to appoint Cecil to FGB as ARB representative(Paul/Zoran)
      2. Vote Unanimous
      3. Motion will be forwarded to John Quinn to approve with the TSC to ratify
  3. Governance
  4. Methodology
    1. BAM - discussed product line/family ad nauseam
    2. Lorraine will provide examples from OO of product family specs formed from a single DAM.
    3. We agreed to add in the appendix those examples in a grid similar to the following
Product Lines
Product families Abstract specificationsDAM 1DAM 2DAM 3
Family 1Family1 spec based on DAM 1Family 1 spec based on DAM 2Family 1 spec based on DAM 3
Family 2Family1 spec based on DAM 1 Family 2 spec based on DAM 3
  1. Adjournment
    1. Adjourned at 6:10pm Eastern (00:10 Paris - thanks Charlie!)

--Tony Julian (talk) 11:24, 11 February 2015 (EST)