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  • Conference call Second Monday of each month at 1:00pm U.S. Eastern
  • Phone audio 1 770 657 9270
  • code 984125#
There is NO DAF reconciliation planned for March 14, so no GTM


March 14, 2016

  • Management
  • Methodology
    • Motion to rescind Motion of October 6, 2015(copied below)from Atlanta Minutes (Andy Stechishin /Vassil Peytchev)
      • 5. CCOW Motion: Allow CCOW to expire as an ANSI standard because it is no longer being maintained by HL7. We understand that this does not prevent continued use of the existing materials.
      • Rationale: Negative major against the reaffirmation from John Moehrke from GE Healthcare with the comment:"Comment: The participants have stopped participating, and the marketplace has stopped. I recommend we deprecate this standard as an indication to the community that there is no-longer active participation, and no-longer availability of the critical software actors (Context Managers). Further approval of this standard is ignoring the market reality."
      • Vote: John Moehrke/Elliot Silver – 7-0-0
    • Motion to conduct recirculation ballot
  • Other business and planning (5 minutes)
  • adjournment