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  • Conference call Mondays at 3:00pm U.S. Eastern
  • Phone audio 1 770 657 9270
  • code 984125#
There is NO DAF reconciliation planned for February 8, so no GTM


February 8, 2016

  • Management
  • Methodology
  • Management
    • Table 203 changes.
    • DAF notification of ballot.
  • Other business and planning (5 minutes)
  • adjournment

Notes from 2/8/2016 meeting

  • On call
    • Tony (Chair)
    • Dave Shaver
    • Mead Walker
    • Mark Jones
    • Freida Hall
    • Brett

Meeting minutes

  • Motion by accept by Dave; Brent second; carried 4-0-1

XAD Issue

  • Mead presented the issue as outlined on gforge tracker
  • Freida Hall added some points
  • Mead's motion: "XAD.8 use as city limit indicator is consistent with usage within an implementation guide."; second by Brett
  • Discussion re: choices; Dave concerned with usage is it feels 'odd'. No better slot suggested
  • Dave requested that Mead submit 2.10 proposal to modify description of XAD.8 to describe this use of the component; Mead agreed.
  • Carries 4-0-2

Table 103

  • Freida provided description. Extending the P/D/T table to include "V" for validation, "N" for non-production
  • Additional clarification regarding "D", "P", and "T" usage
  • Fredia's description on the co-chair's list: "OO has approved a proposal to add new values to HL7 Table 0103, hopefully in V2.9. The original proposal was to add a single value “V-Validation”, however, in the course of discussion, OO also identified revisions to the definition of MSH-11 Processing ID and the associated PT (Processing Type) data type, and an additional table value and clarifications. Details are in the attached Harmonization Proposal; this is using the new form from the Vocabulary Work Group distributed by Ted Klein. The V2 database proposal #is 844 . (OO Co-chairs, this is on the OO wiki as OO CR 187-844)"
  • Mark moves to take this to Harmonization; Freida seconds
  • Carries 6-0-0

Table 203

  • Lloyd's request for additional codes
  • These codes are used for order types
  • Mead moves to take proposal to Harmonization; Dave seconds
  • Carries 5-0-1