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August 10, 2015

  • Roll call(5 minutes)
  • Approval of minutes (5 minutes)
  • DAF reconciliation
  • Table 0203 change request (Frieda)
    • Add two new identifier types to Table 0203. HPID and OEID.
    • Proposal 742_rev
  • Vocab issues:
    • Motion: To leave the typo of time as tiem in deprecated table 48 in versions prior to 2.5
    • Motion: CNQ cancel query missing from table 0003 in Chapter 2, 2.a in 2.4- Publish errata
    • Motion: ROR - in 2.3.1 R0R(RzeroR) was added - a typo - note erroneous. Publish errata to use ROR instead.
    • Table 76
      • Motion: QCK description was Query General Acknowledgment description was changed to Deferred Query.
    • Table 156
      • Motion: Fix spelling of 'filling' in REP - removed in2.7
    • Motion: Policy statement on case sensitivity of normative code values:
      • All NORMATIVE HL7 defined code values SHALL be uppercase.

  • Other business and planning (5 minutes)
  • adjournment