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August 10, 2015

  • Roll call(5 minutes)
  • Approval of minutes (5 minutes)
  • DAF reconciliation
  • Table 0203 change request (Frieda)
    • Add two new identifier types to Table 0203. HPID and OEID.
    • Proposal 742_rev
      • Please add these two identifier types to HL7 Table 0203 – Identifier Type and update existing note on ‘NH’.
      • XV - proposed addition for the CMS Health Plan Identifier, in lieu of HPID, because this is the identifier value selected by X12 for use in the HIPAA transactions. See Info from Attachments Work Group Co-Chair re: X12, and the extract from X12 transaction for providers. Germany has district values in Table 0203 for Health Plan (Payor) Identifier (NIIP) so there seems to be precedence for different values for different realms.
      • NH – suggest deleting the note re: using NH in the US; this was added to HL7 when Chapter 2C was created in V2.7, however CMS has not previously established and mandated a national identifier so ‘NH’ is not in use in the US.
      • Suggest retain OEID in HL7 because X12 did not create a distinct value for this concept; X12 is using XV for both HPID and OEID as explained in notes from Craig Gabron, Attachments Work Group Co-chair..
  • Vocab issues:
    • Motion: To leave the typo of time as tiem in deprecated table 48 in versions prior to 2.5
    • Motion: CNQ cancel query missing from table 0003 in Chapter 2, 2.a in 2.4- Publish errata
    • Motion: ROR - in 2.3.1 R0R(RzeroR) was added - a typo - note erroneous. Publish errata to use ROR instead.
    • Table 76
      • Motion: QCK description was Query General Acknowledgment description was changed to Deferred Query.
    • Table 156
      • Motion: Fix spelling of 'filling' in REP - removed in2.7
    • Motion: Policy statement on case sensitivity of V2 normative code values:
      • All NORMATIVE HL7 defined code values SHALL be uppercase.

  • Other business and planning (5 minutes)
  • adjournment