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*Roll call(5 minutes)
*Roll call(5 minutes)
*Approval of minutes (5 minutes)
*Approval of minutes (5 minutes)
**[ July 27, 2015 Minutes]
**[ August 10, 2015 Minutes]
*DAF reconciliation
*DAF reconciliation
**[ ballot spreadsheet]
**[ ballot spreadsheet]
**Motion: Policy statement on case sensitivity of V2 normative code values: 
***All NORMATIVE HL7 defined code values SHALL be uppercase.
**Table 211 - Alternate Character Sets
***Add back codes removed, and mark as retired:
****E.G. Kanji, KS, UTF-32, UTF-16 - UTF-8 covers all character sets.
****Add usage note in 2.9
****Need to dialog with HL7 HTA. e.g. KS X 1001
**Table 254 - Kind of Quantity - Chapter 8 - master files (OM1-42).
***Many of the print names have an asterisk, which refer to a footnote somewhere in the chapter.
***Recommend that asterisk be removed, and a usage note the reflects the usage note be added.
***Otherwise, the * would be in the print name.  So the comment should be "adopted from the IUPAC Silver Book"
**Table 290 - Mime base 64 characters
***Table should be Retired from use.
**Table 291 - Subtypes of data
***'''Motion''' Remove x-hl7-cda-level-one from V2.9 since it was deprecated in V2.6, and replaced with text/xml
**Table 294 - Time Selection Criteria Parameter Class Codes
***Old codes are UPPER case
***2.4 codes went to camel case. 
***'''Motion''' Leave the codes prior to 2.4 as uppercase, and mark as retired, and if possible mark them as synonyms.
**Table 0298 Cp Range Type
*** Appendix lists as Range Type in 2.3.  Print name will be fixed
**Table 0299 - leave
**Table 0301 0301 - Universal ID Type
*** Random code is missing from 2.4... and mark as retired as 2.7.
*** Fix the display names, and move the description to Comment.
**Table 338 - Practitioner ID Number Type
***99.99 % overlap with table 203 -
***Add TRL to table 203, and remove values from table 330
**Table 356 – Alternate Character Set Handling Scheme
***Remove <null> leave as a note on the field, since this is NOT a true table value.
**Table 440 - Data Types
*** ELD was broken as "EL" in one version, then fixed
**Table 477 * remove footnotes
**Table 529 Precision - Withdrawn in 2.6
**Table 913 - remove as code, add as table note - value set built on iso 4217.
* Other business and planning (5 minutes)
* Other business and planning (5 minutes)

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