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#Tackle Backward compatibility in V2
#Tackle Backward compatibility in V2
#Publish policy on pre-adoption in V2
#Publish policy on pre-adoption in V2 through V2 Publishing

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  • Conference call Second Monday of each month at 1:00pm U.S. Eastern
  • Phone audio 1 770 657 9270
  • code 984125#

Agenda - January 9, 2017

  1. Management
    • Approval of minutes of the WGM
  2. Metholodogy
    • FHIR MessageHeader
      • Motion to change MessageHeader example to use a prefered value.9920
      • Motion to change MessageHeader.event & MessageHeader.respons to 0..* 10121
      • Motion to change MessageHeader.event & MessageHeader.respons to 0..* 6081
      • Motion to add MessageHeader.sender 9125
      • Motion to add extension to Message.header to enable response type including value set from Table 0155 Coded Content
Description:HL7-defined table of codes which identify conditions under which acknowledgments are required to be returned in response to a message
Value Display Name Definition
AL AlwaysAlways return a response
NE NeverNever return a response
ER Error/reject conditions onlyRespond on error/reject conditions only
SU Successful completion onlyOnly respond when successful

12309 Add extension to enable response type

      • Motion to change the definition of to "The of the message to which this message is a response" 12459
      • Motion to re-order the elements of MessageHeader as requested in the QA report:
        • The correct order is '[event(=what), destination(=who.focus), receiver(=who.focus), timestamp(=when.init), enterer(, author(, source(, responsible(=who.witness), reason(=why)]'
        • but the actual order is '[timestamp(=when.init), event(=what), source(, destination(=who.focus), enterer(, author(, receiver(=who.focus), responsible(=who.witness), reason(=why)]'
    • V2 ballot Reconciliation Reconciliation spreadsheet
      • Group InM-1 Items 6, 91 Answered
      • Group InM-2 Items 1,62,65,85,86,87,133,134,135,136,137,138,139,140,141,142,143,144,145,146,147 Persuasive
      • Group InM-3 Items 7,8,9,10,23,24,32,63,88,89,90,112,131,132 Persuasive with mod
      • Group InM-4 Items 59,61,102,103,104 Out of Scope
      • Group InM-5 Item 98 Out of scope

  1. Management
  2. Adjournment


  1. FHIR to-dos

V2 Todos

  1. V2.8.2 table 357 metadata says err-4 , should be err-3
  2. Update CP2 ERR to further explain use of ERR segment.
  3. Update CP2


  1. Tackle Backward compatibility in V2
  2. Publish policy on pre-adoption in V2 through V2 Publishing