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2015-08-26 HSI Call

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Home Healthcare Standards Integration (HSI)

Meeting Information

HL7 HSI Meeting Minutes

Location: Webex 925 644 875

Date: 2015-08-26
Time: 12:00 pm PDT
Facilitator John Donnelly Note taker(s) Todd Cooper
Attendee Name Affiliation
Keith Boone GE
Hans Buitendijk Cerner
Chris Carr RSNA
Todd Cooper C4MI
John Donnelly Intepro
Laura Herrmann-Langford Intermountain
Emma Jones Allscripts
Elliott Lavy QuadraMed
Alex Lippitt HIMSS
Mary Kay McDaniel Cognosante
Chris Melo Philips
Riki Merrick Vernetzt
David Pyke Ready Computing
Scott Robertson KP
Elliot Silver McKesson
Quorum Requirements Met: YES


Agenda Topics

  1. Welcome, attendance, agenda review
  2. New FDA UDI PSS Update (Hans)
  3. Draft IHE-Lab Harmonization PSS
  4. Define FHIR MPI search for patient resource (FHIR tracker #8582)
  5. HL7 CQI PSS - Additional External Coordination?
  6. Issues Tracker Spreadsheet Review
  7. Fall HL7 WGM Planning
  8. Additional Business

Supporting Documents

  1. FHIR 5.1.8 Patient Matching using an MPI
  2. IHE-Lab Profile to US Lab Real guides Harmonization
  3. Project Tracker Spreadsheet (2015.08.26)


Minutes/Conclusions Reached: 1 Agenda Review

  • (Keith) Add discussion re. GAO Profile from IHE PCC in HL7 Clinical Decision Support

2 HL7 PSS Draft for FDA PSS (Hans)

  • Purpose of project is to identify and act on the various areas of IG that are needed (see diagram in PSS)
  • Not only what HL7 needs to do but other organizations as well, such as IHE
  • Initially this will be a single PSS, but may result in multiple PSS’s …
    • What does not need to be addressed in HL7 because it is being handled elsewhere?
    • Where are there gaps that need to be addressed?
  • (Donnelly) Did receive a copy of the document
    • Added a tracking spreadsheet entry based on that document
  • NOTE: No PSS project number issued yet
  • PSS will be submitted to a number of different groups in the next couple weeks
  • Other groups engaged …
    • JIC: has an active project on UDI (ref. Christian Hay + Moehrke / Cooper / …) - see attached
    • (Mary Kay) X12 has been looking at this … “with high passion"
    • (Scott) NCPDP also … recently completed project, primarily to capture and communicate the UDI string
  • What is the HSI’s role with this PSS? Should it be referenced in this tracker item?
    • Identified that there are other HL7-external groups … so YES it should
    • Role is to facilitate coordination between external boundaries?
      • Meeting logistics? Facilitation?

3 IHE-Lab Profile to US Lab Real guides Harmonization (Riki)

  • New project approved … but does not track HL7 artifact ballot time line
  • Riki moved that HSI approve as a PSS and be designated as PSS co-sponsor
    • David Pyke seconded
    • Levy & Silver abstain

4 FHIR Patient Matching

  • FHIR Patient Matching Track #8582
  • Reads like PDQm not PIXm
  • This is in the HSI domain … need to look at coordination facilitation
  • Elliot Silver wants to be informed; Include John Moehrke
  • Moehrke to take the lead for HSI coordination


  • IHE QRPH relevance?
  • ACTION( Donnelly ) engage QRPH if they are interested AFTER Jason engagement
  • ACTION( Donnelly ) Engage Jason Walonoski (PSS lead) as to external coordination
    • Nothing called out in the PSS

6 Updated Tracking Spreadsheet

  • Will issue an updated spreadsheet today (see linked in Supporting Documents above)
  • Question: How to keep spreadsheet up-to-date with HL7 PSS report?
    • ACTION( Todd ) Ask project management if a report of “changed PSS since <X>” report can be created OR
    • Maybe also via an RSS feed w/ new trigger …
  • (Alex) PSS #1123?
    • ACTION (Donnelly) Forward to Alex PSS 1123

7 IHE GAO Profile

  • Discussion regarding IHE GAO Profile
  • Not able to be conducted due to time.
  • Will move to next call.

Meeting Outcomes


NOTE: See details in above minutes...

  • APPROVED: "IHE-Lab Profile to US Lab Real guides Harmonization"
  • ACTION( Donnelly ) Update tracker spreadsheet
  • ACTION( Donnelly ) CQI PSS Project Lead & IHE QRPH
  • ACTION( Cooper ) Coordinate with Project Management office on strategies for keeping the spreadsheet up-to-date
  • ACTION( Donnelly ) Forward PSS #1123 to Alex Lippitt
Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

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