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|width="100%" |'''Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items'''<br/>
|width="100%" |'''Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items'''<br/>
*See [[2015-09-09 HSI CA..]]
*See [[2015-09-09 HSI CALL]]
© 2015 Health Level Seven® International.  All rights reserved.
© 2015 Health Level Seven® International.  All rights reserved.

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Home Healthcare Standards Integration (HSI)

Meeting Information

HL7 HSI Meeting Minutes

Location: Webex 925 644 875

Date: 2015-08-26
Time: 12:00 pm PDT
Facilitator John Donnelly Note taker(s) Todd Cooper
Attendee Name Affiliation
X Keith Boone GE
X Hans Buitendijk Cerner
X Chris Carr RSNA
X Todd Cooper C4MI
X John Donnelly Intepro
X Laura Herrmann-Langford Intermountain
X Emma Jones Allscripts
X Elliott Lavy QuadraMed
X Alex Lippitt HIMSS
X Mary Kay McDaniel Cognosante
X Chris Melo Philips
X Riki Merrick Vernetzt
X David Pyke Ready Computing
X Scott Robertson KP
X Elliot Silver McKesson
Quorum Requirements Met: YES


Agenda Topics

  1. Welcome, attendance, agenda review
  2. New FDA UDI PSS Update (Hans)
  3. Draft IHE-Lab Harmonization PSS
  4. Define FHIR MPI search for patient resource (FHIR tracker #8582)
  5. HL7 CQI PSS - Additional External Coordination?
  6. Issues Tracker Spreadsheet Review
  7. Fall HL7 WGM Planning
  8. Additional Business

Supporting Documents

  1. FHIR 5.1.8 Patient Matching using an MPI
  2. IHE-Lab Profile to US Lab Real guides Harmonization
  3. Project Tracker Spreadsheet (2015.08.26)


Minutes/Conclusions Reached: 1 Agenda Review

  • (Keith) Add discussion re. GAO Profile from IHE PCC in HL7 Clinical Decision Support

2 HL7 PSS Draft for FDA PSS (Hans)

  • Purpose of project is to identify and act on the various areas of IG that are needed (see diagram in PSS)
  • Not only what HL7 needs to do but other organizations as well, such as IHE
  • Initially this will be a single PSS, but may result in multiple PSS’s …
    • What does not need to be addressed in HL7 because it is being handled elsewhere?
    • Where are there gaps that need to be addressed?
  • (Donnelly) Did receive a copy of the document
    • Added a tracking spreadsheet entry based on that document
  • NOTE: No PSS project number issued yet
  • PSS will be submitted to a number of different groups in the next couple weeks
  • Other groups engaged …
    • JIC: has an active project on UDI (ref. Christian Hay + Moehrke / Cooper / …) - see attached
    • (Mary Kay) X12 has been looking at this … “with high passion"
    • (Scott) NCPDP also … recently completed project, primarily to capture and communicate the UDI string
  • What is the HSI’s role with this PSS? Should it be referenced in this tracker item?
    • Identified that there are other HL7-external groups … so YES it should
    • Role is to facilitate coordination between external boundaries?
      • Meeting logistics? Facilitation?

3 IHE-Lab Profile to US Lab Real guides Harmonization (Riki)

  • New project approved … but does not track HL7 artifact ballot time line
  • Riki moved that HSI approve as a PSS and be designated as PSS co-sponsor
    • David Pyke seconded
    • Levy & Silver abstain

4 FHIR Patient Matching

  • FHIR Patient Matching Track #8582
  • Reads like PDQm not PIXm
  • This is in the HSI domain … need to look at coordination facilitation
  • Elliot Silver wants to be informed; Include John Moehrke
  • Moehrke to take the lead for HSI coordination


  • IHE QRPH relevance?
  • ACTION( Donnelly ) engage QRPH if they are interested AFTER Jason engagement
  • ACTION( Donnelly ) Engage Jason Walonoski (PSS lead) as to external coordination
    • Nothing called out in the PSS

6 Updated Tracking Spreadsheet

  • Will issue an updated spreadsheet today (see linked in Supporting Documents above)
  • Question: How to keep spreadsheet up-to-date with HL7 PSS report?
    • ACTION( Todd ) Ask project management if a report of “changed PSS since <X>” report can be created OR
    • Maybe also via an RSS feed w/ new trigger …
  • (Alex) PSS #1123?
    • ACTION (Donnelly) Forward to Alex PSS 1123

7 IHE GAO Profile

  • Discussion regarding IHE GAO Profile
  • Not able to be conducted due to time.
  • Will move to next call.

Meeting Outcomes


NOTE: See details in above minutes...

  • APPROVED: "IHE-Lab Profile to US Lab Real guides Harmonization"
  • ACTION( Donnelly ) Update tracker spreadsheet
  • ACTION( Donnelly ) CQI PSS Project Lead & IHE QRPH
  • ACTION( Cooper ) Coordinate with Project Management office on strategies for keeping the spreadsheet up-to-date
  • ACTION( Donnelly ) Forward PSS #1123 to Alex Lippitt
Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

© 2015 Health Level Seven® International. All rights reserved.