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# Draft IHE-Lab Harmonization PSS  
# Draft IHE-Lab Harmonization PSS  
# Define FHIR MPI search for patient resource [ (FHIR tracker #8582)]
# Define FHIR MPI search for patient resource [ (FHIR tracker #8582)]
# [ HL7 CQI PSS] - Additional External Coordination?
# Updated Issues Tracker Review (based on PSS information)
# Issues Tracker Spreadsheet Review  
# Fall HL7 WGM Planning
# Fall HL7 WGM Planning
# Additional Business
# Additional Business

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Home Healthcare Standards Integration (HSI)

Meeting Information

HL7 HSI Meeting Minutes

Location: Webex 925 644 875

Date: 2015-08-26
Time: 12:00 pm PDT
Facilitator John Donnelly Note taker(s) Todd Cooper
Attendee Name Affiliation
Keith Boone GE
Todd Cooper C4MI
John Donnelly Intepro
Laura Herrmann-Langford Intermountain
Elliott Lavy QuadraMed
Riki Merric
David Pyke
Elliot Silver
Quorum Requirements Met: TBD


Agenda Topics

  1. Welcome, attendance, agenda review
  2. New FDA UDI PSS Update (Hans)
  3. Draft IHE-Lab Harmonization PSS
  4. Define FHIR MPI search for patient resource (FHIR tracker #8582)
  5. HL7 CQI PSS - Additional External Coordination?
  6. Issues Tracker Spreadsheet Review
  7. Fall HL7 WGM Planning
  8. Additional Business

Supporting Documents

  1. FHIR 5.1.8 Patient Matching using an MPI
  2. IHE-Lab Profile to US Lab Real guides Harmonization


Minutes/Conclusions Reached:

  1. <TBD>

Meeting Outcomes

  • <tbd>
Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

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