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2015-02-16 Rx Conf Call

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  • Melva Peters (Chair)
  • John Hatem
  • Scott Robertson



Review of FHIR items added at FHIR Clinical Connectathon

  • Date Entered
    • this may be in Provenance, but it may be a different use case
Action: Jean will look into this
Action:  Jean will look into this
Action:  Melva to followup with Jean on the status on this work

FHIR Examples

  • Discussion of what examples we should be providing for each of our resources
    • Melva is working on examples based on the list of examples that were identified during the San Antonio meeting

List Serve

  • Email from QDM -
    • request for additional datatypes - has been responded to
Action:  John to followup with Chris Moesel about what he means by "datatypes"

CCDA Template work

  • John has been working on the attributes for the CCDA templates
    • will use the spreadsheet to assess if we have deficits for our resources - it may be a new attribute or an extension
  • Update on Meeting held Feb 9th at 3pm Eastern with Brett and Gaye to discuss further
    • Feb 23 at 9am Pacific - next call

Comments on ISO e-prescription

  • Christoff has transcribed the comment received into the spreadsheet
    • Melva has sent the spreadsheet to John and have followed up - no response from John

Project (Stephen Chu)

  • document has been forwarded to the list
    • Jose provided some context - now called Medication Treatment Plan
Action:  Jose will get updated document sent to the Pharmacy WG list

Use Cases for Supply Chain

  • Use Cases for Supply Chain - will bring in O&O and Pharmacy WG
    • IHE working on a White Paper - want a common pattern regardless of the type of product

Pharmacy Glossary

  • Marco asked if the content could be moved to the ISO SKMT Tool - discussed with John and Melva at WGM
  • Concerns were raised that the content hasn't been vetted and shouldn't be moved until it has been reviewed
    • putting the content into SKMT gives the definition some credibility
  • Ultimately we would like that these definitions go into SKMT, but until they have been reviewed and vetted by Pharmacy WG, we do not support that they get moved over
Action:  Melva to draft a PSS for review at an upcoming meeting


  • Scott working on an NIB for the NCPDP document -
    • He is working with Lynn Laakso in getting this completed by the deadline


  • none

Next meeting - February 23, 2015 at 4pm Eastern