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| || David Susanto|| || Pat VanDyke||X ||Laura Rappleye
| || David Susanto|| || Pat VanDyke||X ||Laura Rappleye
|X || Evelyn Gallego|| || || ||
|X || Evelyn Gallego|| X||Lloyd McKenzie || ||

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US Realm Task Force Call Agenda/Minutes

Location: call 770-657-9270 using code 985371#

Date: 2014-08-05
Time: 1 PM Eastern
Facilitator Ken Note taker(s) TBD
Attendee / Name
X Calvin Beebe Woody Beeler Keith Boone
Joe Bormel X Lorraine Constable Julie Crouse
X John Feikema Freida Hall regrets Ed Hammond
Tony Julian X Paul Knapp Austin Kreisler
regrets Lynn Laakso X Ken McCaslin X John Quinn
David Susanto Pat VanDyke X Laura Rappleye
X Evelyn Gallego X Lloyd McKenzie
Visitor / Name
no quorum definition



  1. Discussion:
    • FHIR DSTU 2 – The issue is that time is tight with developing the materials for DSTU 2 – would move ballot back, or split the ballot into two pieces – ONC has MU timing requirements – FMG thought it would be best into two cycles one in January 2015 and the other materials would be placed in May 2015 with as much as can be done for the January 2015 material in that ballot.
      • FHIR MU3 engagement is unclear – how can we best meet the needs?
      • Structured Data Capture wanted to work through FHIR – they thought they might ballot in May 2014 – thought they would do a draft for comment in September 2014 with full ballot in January 2015. ONC leadership reviewed the response and needed at least a DSTU level document, draft for comment was not acceptable. NPRM comes out in September, it needs to reference the content that is in comment, and therefore it does not meet the requirement.
      • FHIR team is looking at alternative methods to provide the functionality.
      • FHIR needs to ballot as a whole, however, an IG could be balloted as a separate item, but this needs key functionality within FHIR that needs to be part of the requirements, therefore it needs to be the full FHIR functionality.
      • Could do an out of cycle ballot but it has many problems including enforcing that voters only comment on added functionality and this is all abnormal work, opening in September and closing in October. It would likely be a dot release, but it is not favorable process.
      • Questions to ONC, when does it need to be in balloted to be in MU3 and when does the final document need to be in place to be accepted?
      • Action item: Fiek to review with ONC and respond back to Ken regarding next steps and if the timing will work. Ken to distribute the response to the group and FMG.
  1. Projects
    • Project approval request of HL7 CDA Implementation Guide for Ambulatory Healthcare Provider Reporting to Birth Defect Registries for PHER of DESD cosponsored by SDWG of SSD SD at Project Insight # 1112 and TSC Tracker #3429
      • Public health and emergency response work group – co sponsor is the Structured Document and Child Health – CDC and the national birth defect . Have many facilitates on the project on this now
      • NextGen/Epic – ballot in January 2015


  1. (for Aug 4)Project Approval Process - US Realm
    • Motion to accept document as written: Paul Knapp. Second John Quinn
      • no further comments. vote: Not in Favor: 0 Abstain: 1 For: 3
      • Ed Hammond will present this document to the International Council on Sunday at the September 2014 WGM to indicate that the US Realm Task Force is following the same project process as the International Affiliates when brining issues to HL7 International.
      • Ken McCaslin will share this document with the TSC at the September 2014 WGM during the Saturday agenda.


Meeting Outcomes

Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

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