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20140715 arb minutes

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ARB - Meeting (Date in Title)


Teleconferences are held on Tuesday at 4:00pm U.S. Eastern Schedules may be found at Conference Call Center

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

  1. Join the meeting:
  2. If you cant use voip then capture the PIN from the screen for the above action, then
  • Weekly conference call.
  • For 24/7 customer service please call (844) 844-1322.


  1. Roll Call
  2. Approval of Agenda and Minutes
  3. Management
  4. Governance
  5. Methodology
    1. SAIF-CD Review (30 minutes):
      1. GF - Andy S
      2. BF Zoran
      3. ECCF - Lorraine
      4. IF - Cecil
    2. BAM sections Review:(30 minutes)
      1. Section 7 Business Architecture Bo, Lorraine
      2. Section 8 Implementation Lorraine
        1. Waiting on chapters 6 and 7
  6. Other business and planning
    1. July 29, 2014 :Final review on
    2. August 3, 2014: Final content due to HL7 Hq
  7. Adjournment

Meeting Information

HL7 ArB Work Group Meeting Minutes

Location: Telcon

Date: 20140715
Time: 5:00pm U.S. Eastern
Facilitator Julian, Tony Note taker(s) Julian, Tony
Attendee Name Affiliation
X Bond,Andy NEHTA
X Constable, Lorraine Constable Consulting Inc.
R Curry, Jane Health Information Strategies
R Dagnall, Bo HP Enterprise Services
. Hufnagel, Steve U.S. Department of Defense, Military Health System
X Julian, Tony Mayo Clinic
. Loyd, Patrick ICode Solutions
X Lynch, Cecil Accenture
X Milosevic, Zoran Deontik Pty Ltd
. Parker, Ron CA Infoway
. Quinn, John Health Level Seven, Inc.
X Stechishin,Andy CANA Software and Service Ltd.
. Guests
. Ken McCaslin HL7 TSC Chair
. Shakir, Abdul Malik City of Hope National Medical Center
. Laakso, Lynn HL7
. Kreisler, Austin Leidos / CDC
. Jean Duteau Duteau Design
. Legend
X Present
. Absent
R Regrets
Quorum Requirements (Co-chair + 3) Met: Yes


  1. Approval of agenda and Minutes
    1. Motion to approve agenda and minutes as posted(Andys/Lorraine)
    2. Vote (4-0-0)
  2. Methodology
    1. SAIF-CD Review
      1. The sections of the SAIF-CD were reviewed intractively throught the gotomeeting.
      2. We discussed the "Note to SAIF developers" in each section.
    2. RE: OASIS RAF task force: There was some talk about establishing a liaison between OASIS and HL7 re this, but this was at the time when Charlie and me talked to Ken Laskey (OASIS). Happy to remove this now
  3. Adjournment
    1. Meeting was adjourned at 6:05PM U.S. Eastern

Tony Julian (talk) 17:56, 17 July 2014 (UTC)