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=Scheduled Events=
=Scheduled Events=
==Full Schedule==
Entire schedule of all FHIR events is at [[FHIR_Agenda_201405_WGM]]
==Sunday May 4==
==Sunday May 4==
* Lunch (joint w/ FMG)
* Lunch (joint w/ FMG)

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(Placeholder for schedule of face-to-face meetings to be held at WGM in Phoenix.)

Scheduled Events

Full Schedule

Entire schedule of all FHIR events is at FHIR_Agenda_201405_WGM

Sunday May 4

  • Lunch (joint w/ FMG)
  • (Co-Chair note: Dave Shaver unavailable)

Monday May 5

  • Monday Q1
    • Vitality Assessment (invite Stan and Ken)
    • metrics
  • May join FMG for lunch

Tuesday May 6

  • Tuesday Q1
    • SOA Workgroup Meeting with FHIR Governance Board (Working Session) [1]
    • Part of "HSSP FHIR/SOA Discovery Day"

Wednesday May 7

Thursday May 8

Friday May 9

  • Friday Q1 (joint w/ FMG)