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*Agenda review
*Agenda review
*Review notes from [[20140325_US_Realm_TF_Call]]
*Review notes from [[20140325_US_Realm_TF_Call]]
*DSTU Guidance - Freida Hall/John Quinn
*Action Items
*Action Items
**PSS on Standards 101 for ONC Contractors -John will have a draft after HIMSS
**PSS on Standards 101 for ONC Contractors -John will have a draft after HIMSS

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US Realm Task Force Call Agenda/Minutes

Location: call 770-657-9270 using code 985371#

Date: 2014-mm-dd
Time: 1 PM Eastern
Facilitator Ed/Ken Note taker(s) Dave
Attendee Name
Calvin Beebe
Woody Beeler
Keith Boone
Joe Bormel
Lorraine Constable
Julie Crouse
John Feikema
Freida Hall
Dave Hamill
Ed Hammond
Tony Julian
Paul Knapp
Austin Kreisler,
regrets Lynn Laakso
Ken McCaslin
John Quinn
Pat VanDyke
no quorum definition



  • Agenda review
  • Review notes from 20140325_US_Realm_TF_Call
  • DSTU Guidance - Freida Hall/John Quinn
  • Action Items
    • PSS on Standards 101 for ONC Contractors -John will have a draft after HIMSS
    • KenM will send a note to Ted, Rob and Heather to check on source of truth for value sets status and meeting schedule and let the group know by email
    • KenM and JohnQ to recommend a convention for storing near-production version S&I material to not violate HL7 IP issues. Feik and Ken to work on an interim draft as a starting point for Board discussion at the Board retreat.
  • Ken - how to use the PSS to identify realm/Affiliate review; review an updated presentation from a few years ago from Project Services on managing affiliate projects to include the US Realm Task Force role.
    • Criteria for US Realm TF review before they come to the TSC: - Ken will incorporate into the above presentation for the 25th. Freida and Dave will review again with PSC.
    1. any US Realm project,
    2. publication requests
    3. other project related requests


  • Review of any outstanding issues
Initiative/Project Work Product Sponsoring Workgroup
EU-US Cooperation International CCDA-based Template (Universal Realm) Structured Documents –unconfirmed
CDC Cancer Registry CDA-based Cancer Registry IG Public Health and Emergency Response – confirmed /PSS approved
Structured Data Capture FHIR Profile IG (for form-based structured data capture) Structured Documents, Electronic Health Records –unconfirmed/need guidance on WG
Data Provenance TBD TBD – options include MnM, EHR, Security
Data Access Framework TBD TBD – FHIR?
Blue Button Blue Button + TBD – options include SD, Attachments
LRI/LOI/eDOS EHRs Functional aRequirements IG O&O primary sponsor, EHR co-sponsor


Meeting Outcomes

Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

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