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201401 Marketing Meeting

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The Marketing Council met on Tuesday Q2 (2014-01-20) - WGM in San Antonio.

Attendees: Grant, Rene, Gora,

  • Grant: membership committee has been the main focus for the past year, marketing activities on the back burner.
  • Gora: external marketing came and moved away again, so we lost time.
    • Value to the ambassador presentations
  • Grant: first marketing firm, relationship ceased, ad-hoc hiring of communication-oriented services related to specific events
  • Discussion around marketing to users versus standards developers
  • Grant suggests to focus on just a couple of areas, like Ambassodor Presentations 2.0. Rene: agree, full marketing plan too ambitious as a goal, better to have a few areas where we as volunteers can contribute.
  • Ambassador Presentations 2.0
    • Focus (of recorded webinars) long-tail instead of interactive-short-term?
      • Rene: rather have a 'talking head' video than a recorde webinar
      • Put recording on a separate blog page, allows for feedback/questions long after publication of the video
    • Create presentations for multiple target audiences
    • Gora: leverge social media platforms, beyond a webinar. Facebook? Twitter?
    • Presentation can be delivered f2f, webinar, video, via social media.
    • Grant to discuss with Chuck, Karen van/Mark McD
    • Will create a whitepaper/checklist related to the execution of the new social media strategy
    • Grant to organize a call, Thursday 08:00 US pacific, 17:00 Central europe.
  • Meeting types
    • Rene: Interesting to see that HL7 in convening different kinds of meeting: Policy Conference (mainly marketing), UG/connectathon, WGMs, US-educational summits