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2014-06-16 Rx Conf Call

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  • Hugh Glover (chair)
  • Marla Albitz (scribe)
  • Melva Peters
  • Scott Robertson
  • Julie Peters
  • John Hatem


OOC Agenda

  • List serve Discussions
  • IR project scope statement
  • Pharmacy Template project

FHIR List Serve Discussions

  • Hugh received a direct inquiry from Paul Knapp about pricing of components. May be turned into a listserv discussion.


  • Julie reports that there are no new issues to address.

PSS for FHIR work

  • Added to scope statement:
    • FHIR wants Rx WG to take on tasks related to profiles to existing resources (working with Structured Docs).
    • Need to add statements for harmonization work with PHER WG.
    • Updates made – vote held
  • Motion to approve – carried unanimously 4.0.0.
  • Hugh and Jean has agreed to support this work for the Rx WG.

6/16/2014 Action: Hugh to officially submit FHIR PSS to HL7.

Pharmacy Template Work

  • Melva and John provided to the group an explanation of Rx template work done to date (including work in Portugal). Spreadsheet now hosted in Google Docs.
  • Group agreed to invite Lisa Nelson to next meeting to continue work on Rx template work.

Action: Hugh to email Lisa Nelson to invite her to participate. Action: Tom suggested we pass the Rx template work via email. John will share the documents via email. Action: John to check the Rx resource library to insure Pharmacy v3_HL7vs Mapping_old.xls aligns with the contents of this work in this spreadsheet.

Next meeting - 2014-06-23 @ 1600 ET

  • Agenda
    • List serve discussion
    • Harmonization proposal
    • Possible Pharmacy Template project/work approval

PSS for FHIR work[edit]

Pharmacy template Work action items from last meeting