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2014-03-10 Rx Conf Call

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  • Scott Robertson (Chair)
  • Shelly Spiro
  • Katherine Duteau
  • Jose Costa Teixeira
  • Marla Albitz
  • Lisa Nelson
  • John Hatem
  • Hugh Glover
  • Julie James
  • Claude Nanjo

Publication Status

  • IDMP - Status
    • Ballot Reconciliation Spreadsheet to be posted - complete
    • 5 publication requests to be finalized and submitted - Hugh has reviewed and Melva has submitted
    • No discussion on the call.

Clinical Decision Support Virtual Medical Record (CDS vMR)

  • Review model and examples
    • Claude reviewed multiple examples and discussed how the content would be represented in the XML/models. His examples covered:
      • Diet orders represented with "diet types"
      • "Nutrition modifiers" and "Texture modifiers"
      • "food types"
      • "frequency and cycle timing"
    • Lisa N asked how the CDS vMR model would represent 'what was consumed'. the current model does not represent this type of information.
    • John H asked how the CDS vMR will be used. Claude described a use case where the model would be used to aggregrate the dietary/nutrition information and provide a place where dietary/nutrition knowledge could be represented and applied.
    • John H also asked how the CCDA content was representing nutrition information. Lisa N stated should would bring a summary of the type of information that is currently being represented in CCDA to Pharmacy WG for evaluation where they may be overlap with some of the Pharmacy content.

Out of Cycle Meeting Planning

  • Dates - June 11 (Joint with IHE), 12, 13
    • Agenda - need agenda planned by end of February to allow for planning purposes
    • Proposed HL7 Pharmacy Agenda Topics
      • FHIR Resources - source is in SVN - need to work on examples and formulary related content; consider impact of architectures
      • Pharmacy Templates
    • Joint meeting
      • Could include some status of projects
      • Pharmacy Templates - could use to gather requirements from IHE from Community Profile as input to our project - Prescriptions
        • European cross border prescription or transfer of medication summaries
      • Medication Profile - could look at the constructs - hope to be able to publish the White Paper before Portugal meeting
          • could focus on Medication List -
Action: Get a list of templates that might be in scope for the templates
Action:  Christof to followup with IHE to see if they have topics to be discussed
  • No discussion on today's call. We will continue to monitor the agenda each work.

List Serve Discussions

  • Order Workflows (Tom and Jose)
    • Jose referred folks to the document he put together with examples for the ordering process. This document has been sent to the Pharmacy listserv.
  • CDA Example taskforce
    • No known medications
    • Bonus: One-time administered medications; Z-Pak. (assuming pharmacy rep is available to join us)

CDA Example Task Force Wiki

  • Immunization - John H will forward discussion/question to the list within the next two weeks.
  • Frequency - include the question from Brett/Mamatha on hot topics list and raise on future call - Claude may be able to contribute some examples - he will send to Pharmacy list serve
Action: John to followup with Tom about action items for snippets discussed during San Antonio.  John has reached out to Tom.  No response yet. 

Pharmacy Template Work

  • Review PSS

File:Pharmacy WG PSS - Pharmacy Templates (updated).doc

    • no discussion


  • Immunization and Medication Administration Task Force

Endorsement of External Document (Scott)

  • HL7 EHR-System for a Pharmacist/Pharmacy Electronic Health Record Implementation Guide for Community Practice

File:13-294 HITSbook HL7 Web.pdf

File:PSS Pharmacy Community Practice EHR Profile Guidance.pdf


Next meeting - 2014-03-10 @ 1600 ET

  • Agenda
    • List serve discussion
      • Frequency
    • Medication/Immunization FHIR Harmonization
    • Review Harmonization proposals and vote
    • Out of Cycle Meeting - Planning - Joint meeting and HL7 Pharmacy meeting