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2014-02-17 Rx Conf Call

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  • John Hatem (Chair)
  • Marla Albitz
  • Melva Peters (Scribe)
  • Scott Robertson
  • Katherine Duteau
  • Claude Nanjo
  • Julie James
  • Hugh Glover
  • Stephen Chu
  • Christof Gessner

Publication Status

  • IDMP - Status
    • Ballot Reconciliation Spreadsheet to be posted - complete
    • 5 publication requests to be finalized and submitted - Hugh will review publication requests

Clinical Decision Support Virtual Medical Record (CDS vMR)

  • a proposal was sent to Jean and to the Nutrition group - they had no issues
  • Claude reviewed the model and changes made
  • Claude to provide some examples
Action:  Include discussion on agenda for March 3rd meeting

Out of Cycle Meeting Planning

  • Dates - June 11 (Joint with IHE), 12, 13
    • Agenda - need agenda planned by end of February to allow for planning purposes
    • Proposed HL7 Pharmacy Agenda Topics
      • FHIR Resources - source is in SVN - need to work on examples and formulary related content; consider impact of architectures
      • Pharmacy Templates
    • Joint meeting
      • Could include some status of projects
      • Pharmacy Templates - could use to gather requirements from IHE from Community Profile as input to our project - Prescriptions
        • European cross border prescription or transfer of medication summaries
      • Medication Profile - could look at the constructs - hope to be able to publish the White Paper before Portugal meeting
          • could focus on Medication List -
Action: Get a list of templates that might be in scope for the templates
      • Does IHE Pharmacy have a request for topics that they wish to discuss with us?
Action:  Christof to followup with IHE to see if they have topics to be discussed

List Serve Discussions

  • Immunization - John to forward discussion/question to the list
  • Frequency - include the question from Brett/Mamatha on hot topics list and raise on future call - Claude may be able to contribute some examples - he will send to Pharmacy list serve
Action: John to followup with Tom about action items for snippets discussed during San Antonio

Review Harmonization Proposals

  • Review and Vote
    • It was moved by Julie James - seconded by Melva Peters to confirm that there are no issues from Pharmacy WG perspective on Harmonization Proposal - 9/0/0 CARRIED
Action:  Melva to send outcome to Harmonization Committee

Pharmacy Template Work

  • Review PSS - will be discussed on March 3rd call


  • Immunization and Medication Administration Task Force - Deferred


  • none

Next meeting - 2014-03-03 @ 1600 ET

  • Agenda
    • List serve discussion
      • Frequency
    • Medication/Immunization FHIR Harmonization
    • Review Harmonization proposals and vote
    • Publication Status - IDMP
    • CDS vMR work - examples and further discussion
    • Out of Cycle Meeting - Planning - Joint meeting and HL7 Pharmacy meeting
    • New project from Scott
    • Pharmacy Template Project -review and approval

File:Pharmacy WG PSS - Pharmacy Templates (updated).doc