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2014-01-07 User Group Task Force Conf Call

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  • Meeting with AIRA
  • Questions from former RIMBA group


  • John Hatem (Chair), Karen Van Hentenryck (Scribe), Mike Kingery, Bonnie McCalister, Mark McDougall, Ken McCaslin, Chuck Jaffe

Minutes / Discussions

  • Report on meeting with AIRA
    • On January 9th, Nathan, Mark and John will meet with Mary Beth Kurilo from AIRA. In preparation for this meeting Nathan had reached out to their board to see if they are interested in working with HL7 on an Immunization User Group. They are and have appointed Mary Beth to explore the next part of the discussion. The results of the meeting will be reported back to this group.
  • Questions that former RIMBAA group
    • Rene Spronk has asked several questions related to how RIMBA can become a UG. they had reached out to the TSC and expressed their interest in changing their HL7 status from a WG to a UG. Ken M and John exchanged several emails with Rene and explained that the UG Task Force has several steps to formalize this process before this change can happen. We discouraged them from trying to make themselves a user group formally until we have made more progress with the user group pilot. We want to collect information from people who have no experience in HL7 to qualify what a user group should actually be.
    • Rene had also asked for copies of the task force minutes and thos were sent by John to Rene in email. In addition John is also posting all of the Task Force minutes on the Task Force wiki.
    • There was a question about why our first pilot was not the RIMBA group, and we had intentionally wantedt to start with a neew clinical group and work out any issues.

Next steps

  • We need to understand what user group requirements will need to be supported by HL7.
    • Listserv support, wiki, some assistance with scheduling face-to-face meeting were suggested.
      • Currently this task force has a wiki space and a web page.
      • The assumption is that each UG community will likely want to have their own listserv and wiki page. We also need to support online meeting/conference calls.
      • Local/regional meetings can be held but the assumption is that HL7 will not need to manage or setup these meetings. Mark M agreed with this approach and suggested that the local UG community may take on the responsibilty for organizing these local UG meetings.
    • We also need some sort of subscription service to allow members access or no access to specific things.
    • Jaffe noted that some groups will want to sponsor F2F meetings of user groups. He thinks it makes sense at the beginning to be co-located with the WGM because people won’t have travel funds.
  • Governance
    • Immunization user groups needs someone to drive them. McCaslin feels we need at minimum two people to lead a user group.
    • We also talked about another level of structure above this, which would be the user group board. We may wish to modify some of our current documents to help with the process of creating new user groups. We have a document that allows forming groups to identify their name, their mission, etc. We also have a co-chair handbook. Both of these documents are examples of existing documentation that could be modified to provide guidance for user groups.
    • Once we have established a user group, we need a subscription process for collecting data. We may wish to collect data up front so we know which members live in Philadelphia, for example. Hatem indicated that this differs from what we currently do. We don’t, for example, sign up for work groups. We sign up for HL7 though.
  • Participation Fees
    • If people wish to identify themselves with a user group, do they need to pay? In other words, would we allow people who don’t wish to pay to join? We might allow them to associate for a short time. There was some discussion as to whether the $100 fee is per user group, or whether it provides access to all of the user groups.
    • Voting members can join any user groups for free. Non-voting members of org members would have to pay the $100.
    • We need to create some of the documents we discussed earlier. Mark will send along the one-pager that he put together

Action item

  • Update one page from Mark with some of the ideas that we discussed today
  • Chuck Jaffe thinks we should bring this out in something that is easy to understand and implement.