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20130508 HL7 PLA Meeting

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HL7 Product Line Architecture – 2013-01-15 Meeting

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Attendees: Austin, Rick Haddorff, Lynn

Meeting Logistics

  • Dates: Wednesday Q3 of the Working Group Meeting
  • Time: 13:45 - 15:00 Eastern Time
  • Room: Georgia 7

Q3 Agenda for HL7 Product Line Architecture

  1. Roll Call
  2. Agenda Review
  3. BAM Overview (15 min) (Parker)
    • BAM landing - review scope document.
  4. Identify candidates for Product Families and Product Lines (so far we have FHIR)
  5. How to take an existing set of products and make it into a Product Family/Product Line (e.g. CDA)
  6. Next WGM Needs


  • Ron is not available - they are not as far along as they thought they would be on the BAM
  • We're not ready to offer sufficient guidance to SDWG in standing up CDA IGs as product family
  • ArB is re-evaluating product family/line definition or approach
  • Product Family candidate suggestions based on methodologies and how they are produced.
    • V2
    • V2.x IG
    • Arden Syntax
    • EHR FPs
    • EHR
    • V3
    • CDA IGs
    • SOA
  • Current focus is on product family and not devoted to definition of product lines at this time.
    • Cross-paradigm project done by Alean is an excellent example of analysis for product line across interoperability paradigms.
    • Austin sees a product line forming around the CCDA effort with CCDA-related products including the base CCDA itself. They have related use cases, and foundation of the CCDA header and the U.S. market segment.
    • Other Meaningful Use product line requirements are forming around V2 IGs such as LRI, LOI, ELR-PH, eDOS set of products. CDS MU support may be included with Infobutton. QRDA, eMeasure, HQMF evolving.
    • May need to develop a form to describe and propose a product line from an existing set of products.
    • With establishment of a product family we need some assignment of governance, management, and methodology with SAIF-CD precepts.