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20130128 FMG concall

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HL7 TSC FMG Meeting Minutes

Location: call 770-657-9270 using code 985371#
web meeting

Date: 2013-01-28
Time: 1:00 PM U.S. Eastern
Chair: Lloyd Note taker(s): Lynn Laakso
Quorum = chair + 4 yes/no
Co chairs x Hugh Glover x Lloyd McKenzie
ex-officio x Ron Parker, FGB Chair . John Quinn, CTO
Members Members Observers/Guests
regrets Lorraine Constable x John Moehrke x Lynn Laakso, scribe
x Jean Duteau x Brian Pech x Austin Kreisler
regrets David Hay



Lloyd calls to order at 1:05 PM

  • Roll Call
  • Agenda Check - Lloyd suggests we look at how the other projects are doing as we're evaluating a new one.
    • Precepts: Planned through email for Ron and Grahame to iterate through the risks perspective. Push out 1-2 weeks.
    • Austin raises issues of Anatomic Pathology proposing FHIR work from an un-healthy WG, and address governance precept
    • add discussion of letter to cochairs after project approval.
    • Hugh moves approval of the agenda, Brian seconds - unanimously approved
  • Minutes from 20130116_FMG_F2F Jean moves approval seconded by Brian. Unanimously approved.
  • Administrative
  • Reports
    • Connectathon management (David/Brian)
      • LM Summary - scheduled another connectathon all day Saturday and Sunday morning for May, expecting 20 persons up to 40.
        • Topic will be abbi or ccda experimental track ... Grahame to follow up with Doug. Plan to talk more on next week's call to have scenarios determined by end of Feb.
    • FGB – hasn't met since Phoenix. TSC today we agreed to start going through the BAM to add content. He comments on John M's mobile hackathon at the IHE Connectathon.
    • MnM – had a call last week and worked through some ballot items and will continue through them.
    • FMG Liaisons
      • Hugh comments that Mobile Health seeking more information and will be doing a presentation on a concall.
      • Brian notes the two cochairs of Clinical Genomics are conflicted about a joint session with CG at the WGM.
      • Jean notes that Patient Care has issues that they're currently churning over a DAM over the same topic (Care Plan) and not driving to the resource. They may expect FHIR core team to come up with the straw man. Planned to meet 2Q on Monday.
      • John notes that security considerations in FHIR coming up on the list lately and will be fleshed out further. Lloyd notes we must distinguish guidance within the FHIR spec versus reference to other guidance in other areas.
      • IHE connectathon this week, Weds evening is mHealth hackathon session
  • Process management
    • Project Approval: Develop FHIR resources for Immunization at Project Insight # 967
      • Jean moves and Hugh seconds approval of the project. Unanimously approved.
    • look at how the other projects are doing - waiting on PSS from Clinical Genomics. Another waiting from FM/FHIR. OO project just approved by TSC. PA project status unknown; Hugh will follow up. PHER/Immunization one going to TSC. Lloyd needs to put another down for the FHIR core team. It will probably be sponsored by MnM.
      • Need to define liaisons for and track with CIMI. Brian will take them as liaison. Joey Correll of Intermountain was named as their liaison to FHIR. Back up will be needed. CIC is Jean, back up will be Hugh.
    • Austin raises issues of Anatomic Pathology proposing FHIR work from an un-healthy WG, and address governance precept.
      • Unhealthy WG may not be able to do the work. Austin notes the TSC will be examining the WGs who do not have enough co-chairs to meet requirements of a WG.
      • Lloyd doesn't think the FMG needs to assume responsibility for evaluating healthy WG status. Hugh notes the TSC needs to be the arbiter of allowing projects to go forward based on WGH.
      • Austin notes that Project health is a factor in project approval but not WGH, which the TSC might also have to address. Lloyd thinks that it's not part of the product line governance to address this. Potential issues with other work groups discussed.
      • Lloyd suggests they need to put forth a PSS and FMG would review it to evaluate the resources proposed but the ability of the WG to conduct the work is under the TSC's governance. FHIR also needs to address the core resources of the DSTU first.
    • Atlanta WGM schedule reviewed at FHIR_Agenda-201305_WGM
      • Please review schedule with your plans with other liaison WGs and plan for FMG meeting Weds Q6
    • Ballot Planning
      • draft letter to cochairs reviewed from Lloyd's email to inform cochairs that the DSTU ballot will be in Sept 2013
      • Next week's call should establish criteria for inclusion in May ballot, QA processes for May, and QA processes for July. Need also to establish a set of dates for communication of progress as we go along.

Adjourned 1:58 PM EST

Next Steps

Actions (Include Owner, Action Item, and due date)
  • Lloyd to send out revised letter
Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

Precepts: Planned through email for Ron and Grahame to iterate through the risks perspective. Push out 1-2 weeks

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