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==Publication Status==
==Publication Status==
* Scott: All four will be to Don by this week.
* Scott: All four will be to Don by this week.
* regrets from Scott - really tring for this week
==Clinical Decision Support Virtual Medical Record==
==Clinical Decision Support Virtual Medical Record==

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  • Scott Robertson(Chair/Scribe)
  • Julie James
  • Terri Meredith
  • Hugh Glover
  • John Hatem

List Serv Discussions

Compounded medications

  • from 12/2 call: agreed cannot describe compounds in a structured way in CDA R2. Describe in text. Scott to advise Gaye/SDWG.
  • summary sent to Gaye/Bob. some futher discussion but no response from Gaye/Bob

PRN Medication Orders - how to do them in CDA

  • from 11/25 email: Tom will send summarization
  • 12/9: Discussion continues on the list, mostly about the need for an explicit code
Action: Scott will connect with Tom about a final summarization of the issue

January 2014 Ballot

  • FYI - Preview site - open for v3 content. we don't have any v3 content in this cycle
  • IDMP
    • from last call: Reballoting to clear up an administrative point. No new material. Considering ways to let balloters know no changes can be considered.
  • MTM CDA Template
    • from 12/2 call: Scott still working on this. Expect to have it in by Friday.

Publication Status

  • Scott: All four will be to Don by this week.
  • regrets from Scott - really tring for this week

Clinical Decision Support Virtual Medical Record

  • Melva voted negative on behalf of Pharmacy, Pharmacy needs to review CDS' response. Hold until Jean & Melva are on the call


  • Hugh - resources very limited to complete material for ballot. Not easy to hand off to someone else. Still working toward deadlines, not sure they will be achieved

FHIR Immunization and Medication Administration Task Force

  • John - task group has reviewed the major points. Narrowed focus, mainly to updating names and definitions. Not massive changes, just choosing a definition.
  • Still needs to be incorporated into Hugh's work. Jaginder Madra noted as a possible resource for the work.
  • (Scott to add John's email results of discussion)

Joint IHE Meeting

  • (Scott add current plans/options)

Next meeting - December 16, 2013 4pm Eastern - Scott to Chair