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2013-08-19 Rx Conf Call

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  • Melva Peters (Chair)
  • John Hatem
  • Terry Meredith
  • Tom de Jong
  • Jean Duteau
  • Scott Robertson (scribe)

List Serve Discussions

  • a few open issues that haven't been responded to
    • question from Kai how to specific times of the date to administer - Tom will respond
  • C-CDA Discussions
    • development team has identified some areas where they need more details and domain knowledge from Pharmacy WG
    • Tom joined SDWG teleconference last week
    • this is an opportunity to get more alignment with Pharmacy at least with C-CDA
    • may need to enter these as ballot comments as part of current ballot - adds time pressure
      • Tom can commit to putting in some time and Pharmacy agreed to include as an agenda item on teleconference until next WG
Action: add agenda time in Cambridge
Action: add agenda item on each teleconference until Cambridge
  • Medication Therapy Management
    • Project to create a standard set of CDA document to address Medicare reporting requirements of US program including some specific reports - this will be a document that builds on C-CDA as an extension
    • there may be a mis-understanding that this is a "medication template" for C-CDA
    • Status of project - expected to be finished, but is delayed - Scott is working on ballot document - will validate as a C-CDA document
      • there are some negative comments not withdrawn - Scott is aware and is working on this
    • should we make sure that it covers universal requirements
    • MTM ballot reconciliation - NCPDP has been handling as it is a joint HL7/NCPDP project
      • Pharmacy is the sponsor of this project and if there is a perception that this is the "medication template" - Pharmacy WG needs to be involved
Action:  Scott to forward material to Pharmacy List
Action:  Add agenda item for Cambridge - to have Scott walk us through the material

September 2013 Ballot Status

  • Opened Aug 12 (CDA documents 8/16)
    • Pharmacy will spend time on teleconferences and in Cambridge to review relevant sections
  • Status of our material
    • Pharmacy material - has been updated with work that John and Melva did
      • CMET text material is not included - Scott working on getting
      • old diagrams are still included - Hugh has not had time to finish this
Action:  Melva to update diagrams and let Scott know when done.  He will confirm with Don how to proceed.
Action:  Scott to get CMET text updated

IDMP Ballot

  • confirm next steps with Hugh

September 2013 WGM Agenda

Action:  Scott will review agenda and add in his availability
Action: Add agenda item for next week's teleconference to add interim co-chair
  • FHIR responsibilities
    • is there anything we need to pick up if Hugh is not able to attend WGM in Cambridge
Action: talk to Hugh

Domain Experts Steering Division

Action:  Scott will review


  • no activity


  • Cambridge WGM - talk about re-framing what we are working on
Action:  add a quarter in to discuss