2013-07-08 Rx Conf Call

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  • Tom de Jong (chair)

List Serve Discussions

  • relationship between dose, rate and duration
    • common guidelines
    • location for maintaining them
    • topic for joint session
  • medication data management (work document)

September 2013 Ballot Task Review

  • Confirmation of completion of ballot content and availability for QA prior to August 5th deadline
    • We lost some interactions when common order/dispense were combined with medication order/dispense.
      • Scott will look for these
    • John will follow up on Garry's content
    • We will need to do a Quality Assessment after we finish completing the contents

Domain Experts Steering Division Co-Chair Election

  • TSC Approved Election Process
    • Elections will be conducted July 1-30. Each Work Group within the four steering divisions shall return a single submission that identifies the candidate it wishes to elect to represent their SD on the TSC. To determine how to cast its votes, each Work Group shall undertake an e-mail vote as described below:
      • Each Work Group shall designate a "Teller” who has no direct interest in the outcome (is not a candidate for this or any Steering Division) to conduct the email vote.
      • The Teller shall prepare an e-mail "ballot" listing the candidates and ask each Work Group member (current individual or affiliate member or employee of an organizational member) to vote for one name. Membership can be verified with HL7 HQ if needed.
      • The tally will determine the Work Group’s vote.
      • Set a closing date early enough that the result can be made known to the Work Group during a conference call BEFORE the vote must be cast with HQ on July 30, 2013.
      • All votes shall be sent electronically by one of the Work Group’s current co-chairs to: http://www.hl7.org/memonly/vote/vote.cfm?electionCode=TSC
      • Votes must be received no later than 11:59 pm EST, Tuesday, July 30, 2013. Late submissions will not be considered. Should we receive conflicting votes from a single Work Group, none of the votes from that Work Group shall be counted (as this implies that the Work Group did not reach consensus). The candidate receiving the most votes for each SD shall be named the co-chair.
    • Election results will be announced to the co-chairs list server as soon as they are available. Tie votes will be resolved by drawing lots, unless one of the candidates involved wishes to defer to the other(s).
  • Action: Scott will start a Doodle for a poll among members of Pharmacy WG

Harmonization Proposals

File:000-Jul2013-HyperlinkedIndexForTechReview-Meeting 20130625.xls

  • Need to decide if a Pharmacy resource will attend Harmonization or if will make a motion that we have no issues with the proposals

FHIR Development