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20120815 TSC FGB concall notes

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FGB Members:

  • George (Woody) Beeler - present
  • Grahame Grieve - present
  • Ewout Kramer - present
  • Ron Parker - regrets
  • John Quinn -

Other attendees

  • TSC Chair: Austin Kreisler - present
  • Scribe: Lynn Laakso - present

GTM: 563-853-898

FHIR Governance Board Wiki page

Next steps:

  • name a chair,
    • Ron is on vacation so don't know if he'll express an interest,
    • Ewout will be out next week.
    • Can we do it by email? May wish to settle this at the WGM.
  • recommend the FHIR Management Group members (FMG) 5-8 members, staggered terms
    • FGB chair - ex officio,
    • CTO - ex officio
    • MnM co-chair - ex officio, as one of the ad-hoc positions
    • one member from each SD appointed by TSC at recommendation of FGB,
      • suggestions included
        • Austin or Calvin (SSD SD),
        • Lloyd McKenzie (FTSD), co-chair of MnM
        • Patrick Loyd, Lorraine Constable (T3SD),
        • Amnon Shabo, Tom de Jong (DESD),
    • up to 2 ad-hoc members
      • ad hoc suggestions Jean Duteau, Andy Stechishin, Ewout Kramer, Bo Dagnall, David Hay, Rene Spronk
    • not known if anyone has talked to this group.
      • Woody will contact Beebe, McKenzie, Loyd, Constable, Jean Duteau
      • Ewout to contact Tom de Jong and Rene Spronk.
      • Austin will talk to Amnon, Andy Stechishin
      • Grahame will talk to David Hay
      • Inquire for interest: expected participation weekly conf call and 1-2 meetings per WGM, point them to the M&C and DMP
    • Ewout suggested as chair of FGB also accommodates position on FMG.
  • adopt DMP
    • DMP Drafted from 24 May for review
  • agree on core precepts for FHIR
    • need to start thinking on them; it's the core task of the group
    • What is the example, classification hierarchy, to get started. Austin notes that Ron/ArB has the structural representation knowledge. FHIR has definition of what precepts should be, principles, governing ideas, what call you. Something that the community cannot change. Woody points to an initial ballot on principles of V3.
    • Ewout will take a first crack.
  • set up distribution list or closed listserv
    • Lynn will request closed listserv for archive capability.

Next meeting 2012-08-29. No meeting next week or 2012-09-05

  • Adjourned at 17:59 PM EDT