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20120323 templates minutes

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Minutes Template

Meeting Information

HL7 Templates Working Group Meeting Minutes

Location: Cyberspace

Date: 2012-03-16
Time: 3:00pm U.S. Eastern
Facilitator Mark Shafarman Note taker(s) Mark Shafarman
Attendee Name Affiliation
yes Shafarman, Mark Shafarman Consulting, Inc.
yes Heitmann, Kai HL7 Germany
yes Stechishin, Andy
yes Roberts, John Tennessee Department of Public Health
yes Curry, Jane Health Information Strategies Inc
yes Gower, Corinne HL7 New Zealand
Quorum Requirements Met: Yes


  1. John will finish socializing the ITS. He noted that Strucdocs did approve it. Andy will do same with MNM and ITS. Jane and Andy will do the same in Tooling.
  2. Templates metadata: Jane will be ready to review this on the April 6th call, with feedback from her work with the HEART project (in terms of the generic SAR (shared artifacts/assets) registry requirements). Jane noted the need for an assets registry to have a set of flexible, data-driven configuration options. Kai will look at the new (in revision) version of ISO 11179, part III which discusses the various roles needed in as part of a generic registry. It was also noted that the registry needed to support various interdependence and derivation links between templates, as well as version management. And the version management also has to include the value sets used for terminology bindings to the templates. In this sense, the 'management' of templates is more complex than just the management of source code.
  3. HL7 and the HEART project: HL7 will participate in the pre-alpha version, in the July-November 2012 time frame. This could be coordinated with the use/creation of the HEART assets registry as a prototype of a templates registry.
  4. Kai and Andy will review the section 4d from the Templates ITS PSS to update the deliverables section to include two sub-projects of the pilot Templates ITS project: DECOR has a templates interchange format while MDHT and Trifolia have Templates Editors. Thus: a template from an MDHT template editor could be expressed in the DECOR templates interchange format, and sent to a Trifolia implementation and vice versa.
  5. Mark checked on whether the Templates Registry Business Process Analysis Requirements could be included in the 2012 Normative Edition. Don Loyd replied that there is no problem with HL7 publishing the document, but it cannot be part of the 2012 V3 normative edition, since it did not pass ballot in 2011 (and also that it's not part of the V3 opus). So, as soon as we resolve the one negative, we can go ahead with the publication process.