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20120115 arb WGM SanAntonio Minutes

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Detailed Agenda

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  1. Sunday Q1
    1. Call to order
    2. Agenda and Minute approval
    3. Saif Canonical Ballot Reconcillation
  2. Sunday Q2
    1. Call to order
    2. Substantivity:
    3. A substantive change is one that changes the semantics of a given specification, i.e. representational changes should <<not>> be considered substantive in the context of the source specification itself <<unless>> such representational changes could substantively change down-stream derivative products of the specification, including either/both derivative semantics and/or derivative serializations or other wire-format-sensitive constructs.
  3. Sunday Q3
    1. Call to order
    2. Saif Canonical Ballot Reconcillation Continued
  4. Tuesday Q4
    1. Call to order
    2. TBD
  5. Thursday Q3
    1. Call to order
    2. TBD
  6. Thursday Q4
    1. Call to order
    2. Wrap up
    3. Agenda for future Telcons, etc.

Tony Julian 17:28, 15 September 2011 (EDT)