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2012-12-03 Rx Conf Call

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Tom de Jong (Chair),John Hatem, Scott Robertson, Brad Fonseca, Julie James, Steven Chu, Jean-Henri Duteau

List Discussions

  • Medication effectiveTime for Single administration
    • email discussion starting in StrucDoc. Consolidated CCD has medication effectiveTime as IVL(TS), with TS.low and TS.high both required.
    • discussion around datatype usage.
      • Pharmacy messaging standards use QSET(TS), so TS is a valid alternative
      • CDA R2 used recommendation from HITSP C32/C83 to use IVL(TS) or TS as appropriate
      • Consolidated CDA has the IVL(TS) requirement
    • Pharmacy WG recommendations
      • (a) Preferred - loosen CCD datatype to permit TS
      • (b) specify that a point-in-time value be specified as low value = high value = point-in-time value

January 2013 Ballot

  • Progress check
    • Ballot opened this morning. All Pharmacy content present with the exception on one CMET
    • CMET ran into a publication mechanics issue. Don Lloyd asked to delay to Friday. Jean and Scott authorized. Scott with stay in contact with Don to resolve any further issues.

FHIR Resources

  • MedicationDispense resource
    • working document could not be located during the teleconference
    • postpone discussion/work to next call (12/10)


  • Recent email discussion from Catherine C
    • near final document on cross-border eprescribing translations requirements.
    • responds to epSOS workgroup on medicines terminology. (not messaging standards) Attended by Catherine and Julie.
    • concludes with a set of recommendations
    • implies to be recommendations from HL7 Pharmacy
  • Sent pharmacy co-chairs and select others for feedback
    • many standards referenced, but not eprescribing
    • does not appear to address epSOS questions on terminology
  • Defer further discussion until next call (lost quorum)


  • lost quorum about 40 min past the hour.
  • Note that quorum lost due to telecom issues. Several participants had to attempt connecting multiple times (as many as 8 times).