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2012-05-28 Rx Conf Call

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  • Melva Peters (chair)
  • Tom de Jong (scribe)
  • Hugh Glover
  • Julie James
  • Stephen Chu
  • Marco Demarmels
  • John Hatem

List Discussions

  • Immunization - Stephen Chu/Tom
    • Stephen's original requirements were met by the Immunization models
    • It seems like most are also covered my Med. Admin. Event/Statement
    • Question remains if Immunization should be aligned with Rx models?
    • Action 1: check if requirements are met by Med. Admin./Statement
    • Action 2: check with PHER how to achieve closer model alignment

Review of Vancouver WG Meetings

  • Teleconference schedule
    • E-mail vote confirmed that current time is 'least bad'.
  • Minutes
    • Minutes from Vancouver need to be gathered and completed.
    • Note to always make sure that a minute-taker is assigned.
  • IDMP Ballot Reconciliation
    • Hugh will plan times for reconciliation discussions (so Japan can join).
    • After the calls, he will bring results to Pharmacy WG for a final vote.
    • Quorum may be a challenge, so outcomes will not be voted on during calls.
  • FIHR project approved
    • forwarded to Steering Division for approval
    • good session with Grahame, Lloyd and Ewout
    • focus on Prescription, Dispense, Administration & Statement
    • Prescription resource made by Ewout & Tom, purely as a draft
    • Action: we need to discuss if we want to remove Pharmacy resource (or review it)
  • Medication Statement RMIM
    • is it intended to be an open query?
    • most use cases would be patient-centric, but not all
    • so it's not a problem that patientId is not mandatory
  • Nutrition Orders Project
    • request from O&O to be a co-sponsor
    • Stephen asks if scope includes parenteral nutrition (TPN)?
    • if it does, then this should be covered by Pharmacy models
    • motion to approve Rx as a co-sponsor
      • with a request for clarification on the issue of parenteral nutrition
      • (Stephen/Tom; 5-0-0)
    • Action: Melva will request clarification from O&O
  • Medication Profile Project
    • PSS has to be reviewed
    • Melva will include Stephen's comments
    • on agenda for next call


  • No discussion about content in Vancouver
  • NCPDP offered to add their definitions
  • Marco and Tom did not find a common time to meet
  • lots of input from Jacqueline Surugue from IHE
  • Marco gave access to the document to more people
  • Action: Melva will ask Tim & Scott if they want to update the definitions
    • Marco will then add them as editors of the doc

IHE Joint Meeting

  • joint day with IHE on October 24th
  • Pharmacy OOC meeting on Oct 22/23
  • location Paris, Phast offices
    • back-up for first two days could be Nictiz, The Hague
  • Proposal to have Pharmacy OOC meeting (Hugh/Tom; 6-0-0)
  • Action 1: Hugh will do the paperwork for the OOC meeting
  • Action 2: Tom will enquire with Phast for room on Oct 22/23

Common Product Model

  • Ballot reconcilliation meetings (Hugh)