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2012-04-02 Rx Conf Call

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  • Chair – Tom de John
  • Scribe

List Discussions

  • Product Hierarchy discussion
  • Meaningful Use email

Ballot Prep

  • General Ballot Issues
  • Normative Edition
  • IDMP

Vancouver Agenda

  • reminder that we will be working Friday
  • Melva and Hugh to add in their availability to agenda on Wiki
  • Tom will not be in Vancouver
  • Items to add
    • Hot Topics session
      • Product Hierarchy
      • Use of terminology in CPM for Pharmacy
  • Clinical statement session
Action: coordinate with Rik Smithies
  • FIHR
  • need to get PSS reviewed and approved
Action: the issue has been resolved - Hugh to post to the List and included on next weeks agenda
Action: coordinate time with Graeme and Lloyd

Action Items

  • Glossary - no update
  • Clinical Statement
    • DMIM has been updated
    • once Jean has completed his validation, he will reach out to John