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2012-02-13 Rx Conf Call

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  • Chair - Hugh Glover
  • Scribe - Scott Robertson
  • Julie James
  • Marco Demarmels
  • Melva Peters
  • Jean Duteau
  • Derrik Evans
  • Tom de Jong
  • John Hatem


  • List Discussions
    • Patient Care Allergy/Intolerance Project - Request to co-sponsor
    • Medication Statement definition
    • ???
  • Out of Cycle Planning
    • Agenda planning
Hugh asked all to RSVP by end-of-week (2/17) for planning purposes
  • Harmonisation Proposals
    • None this week, but 4 next week and 4 the week after
noted will have items for review next week
  • Action Items
    • Glossary
      • Julie will do a first rough pass through the list putting suggested definitions in place as the prefered ones
      • Tom will translate alll remaining Dutch content
no activity this week, but work continues.  Leave on agenda for follow-up 
  • Republishing/Normative Edition Update
    • eMail from Don about March 4th deadline
    • Jean will reach out to Hugh and Tom for some help
Jean clarification:  March 4th is deadline for request to publish - this is done (Don knows).  Content deadline is 3/18.  Tom - we should include some time at OCC for review.
  • Planning
    • Review 3 year plan projects for potential start date -
Melva - need general start dates for these projects
      • 241 - Generic patient-Related Pharmacy Query
tied to IHE project.  Sept 2012 start date.
      • 245 - Patient Medication Contraindication Query - Release 1
connects with IHR Pharmaceutical Adviser.  No immedicate plan in HL7.  Jan 2013 start date, Melva will draft PSS
      • 855 - FIHR in the Pharmacy Domain
Needed to hold back until FHIR set up.  PSS exists, Hugh will forward to Steering Division.  Start date May 2012
      • 856 - Medication Profile Definition
      • 857 - Pharmacy Use cases to determine how our requirements can be met in CDA
  • IHE Medication Profile/Pharmacy Functional Profile
    • Medication Profile page on Wiki
    • Use of SVN (eMail from Marco/Tom)
  • Hot topic page on Wiki (Hugh)
  • Clinical Statement
  • Calendar Page on Wiki
  • AOB
    • Vancouver agenda on wiki? (Hugh) -
    • Each WG to have a tutorial - update from Roundtable (Hugh) -
    • Vote for technical correction in HL7 v2.8 (see earlier message from Hans Buitendijk).
    • Need for implementation guidelines for specific topics (like infusion administration).