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2012-01-09 Rx Conf Call

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  • Chair - Hugh Glover
  • Scribe - Melva Peters
  • Scott Robertson
  • Tom de Jong
  • Marco Demarmels
  • John Hatem
  • Julie James
  • Jean Duteau


  • List Discussions
    • Updates to medication use - Tom has allocated time in San Antonio for further discussion
    • Reasons for cancelling a prescription - mapping of HL7 to SNOMED codes
      • Tom understood that all HL7 code systems would be mapped to SNOMED and all new code systems would be drawn from SNOMED
Julie to raise this as a hot topic with Vocab to determine if this intent is correct and how it is going to be realized.
  • Action Items
    • Services project
Hugh will find out what is happening and determine if one of the co-chairs needs to attend the SOA SD meeting on Monday night
      • we will establish a conference call schedule once the project has been approved
    • Glossary
      • Julie will do a first rough pass through the list putting suggested definitions in place as the prefered ones
      • Tom will translate alll remaining Dutch content
  • Agenda Updates for San Antonio
    • Glossary - added to Monday Q4
    • Updates to medication use - Thursday Q2
    • Clinical Statement Harmonization - review and determine next steps - Tuesday Q4
      • need to determine what format the analysis should be provided to Clinical Statement in
Hugh to talk to Rik as it is scheduled for Tuesday Q3 for Clinical Statement
Hugh to talk to Rik as Clinical Statement has a discussion scheduled for both Q3 and Q4 on Thursday - we were expecting only Q3
  • Ballot Update
    • MKBQ - passed with no negatives - CONGRATULATIONS!
    • IDMP - 3 negatives, but will pass
  • Republishing/Normative Edition Update
    • Jean will reach out to Hugh and Tom for some help
  • AOB
    • discussion of consideration of having the introduction session for Pharmacy during lunch on Monday - will need to discuss logistics with HQ