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20111004 SAIF AP ConCall

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SAIF Architecture Program – 2011-10-04 Meeting

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Meeting Logistics


  1. Role Call
  2. Agenda Review
  3. RFH (Resources for Healthcare) – should it be part of the SAIF AP (Kreisler)
    1. RIMBAA notes from Rene Spronk email on RFH:
      1. Resources for Healthcare - RFH (working title), a new standardization effort, is based on (HL7v3-) software implementation experiences and therefore is of interest to RIMBAA members. Grahame Grieve created RFH (see as a response to the board’s “Fresh Look” initiative. It takes all sorts of experiences with HL7v3 and CDA into account to come up with a new approach which is easier to implement than Hl7v3. RFH was discussed in various working groups in San Diego (MnM, ITS, Devices, RIMBAA), a project plan to continue its development is likely to be approved later today. It received a rather warm welcome - See also Grahame’s blog on ‘outcomes of the San Diego meeting’ at During RIMBAA’s Wednesday Q6 session (after the networking event and the free Margaritas) we had over 40 attendees for the RFH session, which focused on ‘implementation aspects’ of RFH. MnM will host a special ‘ introduction to RFH’ even in San Antonio, on Tuesday evening from 7 to 9 pm.
  4. How to handle dependencies (modeling them) What tool to use? (Hamill/Haddorff)
  5. SAIF AP Meeting recurrence – continue weekly or change to bi-weekly
  6. When can some of the SAIF AP team to join the Thursday Structured Docs 5pm ET call to discuss coordination items?
  7. New Agenda item: JANE: Suggests that the SAIF AP team do a draft Risk Assessment/Analysis to determine Governance.
  8. Recurring Agenda Items
    1. Pilot Coordination updates (Rick Haddorff)
      1. Any new Coordination items? (Team)
      2. Project Schedule progress (Rick Haddorff)
  9. Action item review (see below)
  10. Next steps

Action Items to Review

  • Owner:
    • ID # and Description
      • Any update or other question?

Link to the Complete List of Action Items/Issues/Risks (GForge)

Meeting Attendees

X=Present on Call

Facilitator Austin Kreisler Note taker(s) David Hamill
Attendee Name Affiliation
X Austin Kreisler TSC Chair
Brian Pech Interested Participant
X David Hamill HL7 HQ / Program Manager
Ed Tripp Domain Experts SD \ TSC
X Jane Curry Tooling
Jim McClay Emergency Care
John Moehrke Security Cookbook
X John Quinn HL7 CTO
Lloyd McKenzie MnM Work Group / SAIF Implementation Guide Pjt
X Lorraine Constable Composite Order Pjt \ OO Behavioral Framework Pjt
X Patrick Loyd OO Work Group / Composite Order Pjt
X Rick Haddorff Project Services WG / SAIF Pilot Coordination Pjt
Robert Lario Object Management
Pat Van Dyke EHR WG
Steve Hufnagel ArB / SAIF Book Project / SOA
Wendy Huang Implementation Conformance WG
Margie Kennedy
Freida Hall Project Services WG
Quorum Requirements Met: Yes


Minutes/Conclusions Reached:
RFH – Should it be part of the SAIF AP

  • Austin: The TSC recently approved the PSS #809 for defining methodology around RFH.
  • As part of the project scope definition, they are defining the SAIF implementation guidance for RFH.
  • Given they mentioned SAIF, this team should decide if the project should be brought under the SAIF AP umbrella.
  • RFH tries to leverage lessons learned from 2.x and V3, success of CDA, and features that 2.x that makes it simpler to implement.
  • What are the teams thoughts? While we don’t have to decide today, it’s something to think about.
  • Patrick: This project is drawing a lot of energy; getting in at the ground floor for something as young and new, bears a good circumstances to pulling them in. Patrick would be interested in talking with them some more.
  • Lorraine: She believes it’s directly related to what we’re doing.
  • The group agreed to pursue the RFH team members in San Antonio to attend our SAIF AP meeting. No further action needed to be done right now.


  • Rick: Suggesting to model some of the dependencies between the SAIF AP projects.
  • Example: OO needs something from MnM to continue on with some of the OO work
  • Rick was wondering if modeling/displaying the dependencies would be a worthwhile effort?
  • Team agreed that this will be a worthwhile effort.

Join the Structured Docs call

  • Rick and Dave can attend the October 20th CDA R3 meeting.

SAIF AP Recurrence?

  • Patrick: every other week will match the pace we’ll be progressing.
  • Jane: Would have a higher chance to attend the meetings.

Suggestion that the SAIF AP team do a draft Risk Assessment/Analysis to determine Governance.

  • Jane: One of the first steps of SAIF work is to do a governance analysis to identify what risks exists and how to mitigate those risks.
  • Jane is working on the Architecture Definition Analysis project and a Risk Profile is one of the first deliverables Jane is working on from that project. She’d like to have the SAIF AP to ‘trial’ it.
  • What are the risks to be able to implement an architecture program.
  • Austin: Do we want to formalize it as a project? The project would be to pilot the governance aspect of SAIF.
  • Austin is hope that we could give it enough detail/definition that people won’t think it’s too vague.
  • Suggested sponsor: perhaps the TSC as the SAIF AP isn’t a Work Group and can’t really sponsor a PSS. Other reviewers of the PSS could be the ArB and MnM.

Gforge Accounts can be requested via:

Adjourned 10:59 AM Eastern Time

New Action Items

Dave – Add RFH as an agenda topic for the SAIF AP meeting in San Antonio at the 2012 Jan WGM
Dave – put in the SAIF AP Jan 2011 WGM Agenda: Invite Grahame to the Wednesday Q4 meeting (or another prominent RFH team member such as Lloyd McKenzie)
Dave – Alternate meetings. Clean up Wiki and Calendar. Send out email
Jane – Create a PSS for Risk Assessment/Analysis to determine Governance