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[ Link to the Complete List of Action Items/Issues/Risks (GForge)]
[ Link to the Complete List of Action Items/Issues/Risks (GForge)]
===Meeting Attendees===
===Meeting Attendees===
X=Present on Call
X=Present on Call

Latest revision as of 14:43, 5 May 2011

SAIF Architecture Program – 2011-05-04 Meeting

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Meeting Logistics


  1. Role Call
  2. Agenda Review
  3. Coordinate message for communicating the SAIF AP in Orlando
  4. Continue discussion of the revisions to the Quality Plan PSS (Gregg Seppala)
  5. Review project list to see if some should be brought in under the SAIF AP umbrella (#1855)- POSTPONED
    1. How to go about this task?
      1. Assign as homework?
      2. Spend 10 minutes each meeting and walk thru by SD? (FTSD first)
  6. SAIF and Sound White Paper Document - Review Feedback from the team's review of the document - POSTPONED
  7. Pilot Coordination updates (Rick Haddorff/Dave Hamill)
    1. Any new Coordination items? (Team)
    2. Project Schedule progress (Rick Haddorff/Dave Hamill)
  8. Action item review (see below)
  9. Next steps

Action Items to Review

1865: Determine what steps needs to be completed to acquire the EA software<br\> 1868: Determine how to actually get the EA Software to the modelers. <br\> Last update from Jane: I will be following up with the Sparx contact to determine whether a process similar to the one we use for Rational would be acceptable." <br\> Jane: Anything new to report?<br\> Update from today’s call: And agreement in principle exists; the specific process is still being worked out at Sparks<\br> <br\><br\>

1862: Review the OO project and Create OO PSS's<br\> Last Update: Patrick to edit and send final versions to OO listserv for vote on 4/14 or possibly the call after (4/21)<br\> Patrick: Anything new to report?<br\> Update from today’s call: No update<br\> <br\> 1850: ID List of Tools that the Composite Order Project Needs<br\> 2011-04-11:Collab Net, has an svn client for free. (Patrick Loyd email: As Lorraine worked through the environment, we determined that we need an ‘svn client’ to work with EA (command line). Since LC and I have previously worked on a project which required this (so we have it); but we need to be able to get this for others. <br\> Patrick: When should we take the next steps for this?<br\> Update from today’s call: No update<br\>

Link to the Complete List of Action Items/Issues/Risks (GForge)

Meeting Attendees

X=Present on Call

Facilitator Austin Kreisler Note taker(s) David Hamill
Attendee Name Affiliation
X Austin Kreisler TSC Chair
X Brian Pech Interested Participant
X David Hamill HL7 HQ / Program Manager
Ed Tripp Domain Experts SD \ TSC
X Gregg Seppala Product Quality Plan Project
X Jane Curry Tooling
Jim McClay Emergency Care
John Moehrke Security Cookbook
John Quinn HL7 CTO
X Lloyd McKenzie MnM Work Group / SAIF Implementation Guide Pjt
Lorraine Constable Composite Order Pjt \ OO Behavioral Framework Pjt
Patrick Loyd OO Work Group / Composite Order Pjt
Rick Haddorff Project Services WG / SAIF Pilot Coordination Pjt
Robert Lario Object Management
X Steve Hufnagel ArB / SAIF Book Project / SOA
X Wendy Huang Implementation Conformance WG
Gary Dickinson EHR WG
Pat Van Dyke EHR WG
Quorum Requirements Met: Yes


Minutes/Conclusions Reached:

Coordinate message for communicating the SAIF AP in Orlando

  • Austin presented his draft of his presentation points.
  • Austin would like to present one, coordinated message regarding the SAIF AP.
  • Hence, team members should forward any project updates to Austin and he’ll include it in his presentation.

Quality Plan PSS

  • Target dates will most likely lag behind one cycle (e.g. trimester or 1 WGM)
  • Austin not sure if we need a separate running Quality Plan, as the objective of the SAIF AP is to achieve Quality.
  • So perhaps a goal of the SAIF AP is to achieve Quality.
  • Jane: Increasing quality and predictable quality in our artifacts.
  • Austin: This is achieved by governance being present. The result of this would be to add scope to the Artifact Definition project.
  • Additonal objective would be to ‘how to define it’s quality’.
  • Jane: Similar to the Security Cookbook, where we felt that instead of having a separate process, integrate security within the process. *Quality could be conducted the same.
  • Gregg: The Quality Plan contains metrics for deliverables as well as metrics for the process. The 3rd component of the Quality Plan was to monitoring to insure things are getting better rather than worse.
  • Would need to take aspects of the Quality Plan and insure they’re integrated into other projects.


  • Austin: So the focus of the Quality Plan may change so that it becomes a subproject of the SAIF IG project.
  • Will need to communicate to HL7 that the Quality Plan project will be folded into the SAIF IG project.


  • Austin: The more visible we make the quality metrics, the more attention they get from the HL7 community.
  • Perhaps have publishing make a quality dashboard visible for the balloted item.
  • Gregg: The TSC decides what is in/out of the ballot; the TSC could use the dashboard to remove an item from ballot.
  • Lloyd: We should probably create a rule that prevents an item from going to ballot prior to the TSC override. Make sure the balloters are aware of a situation.

Gforge Accounts can be requested via:

Adjourned 11:02 AM Eastern Time

New Action Items

Team – Forward Austin any project updates that can be presented at the Orlando WGM.
One example will be Rick Haddorff’s SAIF Pilot Coordination project update for the Monday evening co-chair.
Other updates may be targeted to different audiences, not just the co-chair meeting (e.g. general session, Board, etc.)

Austin/Gregg - Write a one or two pager about what the Quality Plan is going to be. Target: June 8, 2011
This could also be a portion of the SAIF Governance discussion at the Orlando WGM

Austin/Gregg – Talk to publishing regarding a quality dashboard visible for the balloted item. Target: May 25, 2011