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20110323 SAIF AP ConCall

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SAIF Architecture Program – 2011-03-23 Meeting

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Meeting Logistics


  1. Role Call
  2. Agenda Review
  3. Action item review
  4. Composite Order/Behavioral Modeling project review
  5. Mission & Charter Discussion
  6. Planning for Orlando
  7. Next steps

Meeting Attendees

Facilitator Austin Kreisler Note taker(s) David Hamill
Attendee Name Affiliation
X Austin Kreisler TSC Chair
X Brian Pech
X David Hamill HL7 HQ / Program Manager
X Ed Tripp Domain Experts SD \ TSC
X Gregg Seppala Product Quality Plan Project
Jane Curry Tooling
Jim McClay Emergency Care
X John Quinn HL7 CTO
Lloyd McKenzie MnM Work Group / SAIF Implementation Guide Pjt
X Lorraine Constable Composite Order Pjt \ OO Behavioral Framework Pjt
X Lynn Laakso HL7 HQ / TSC Project Manager
X Patrick Loyd OO Work Group / Composite Order Pjt
X Rick Haddorff Project Services WG / SAIF Pilot Coordination Pjt
Robert Lario Object Management
X Steve Hufnagel ArB / SAIF Book Project
X Wendy Huang
Quorum Requirements Met: Yes
quorum achieved as defined in the Work Group Decision Making Practices?


Minutes/Conclusions Reached:

Composite Order/Behavioral Modeling project review

  • Composite Order pjt #38 was included into Behavioral Modeling. (#38 should remain open though)
  • The project team has completed Use Cases and Diagramming; Lorraine held a training class
  • Need to figure out the tooling needs for the project.
  • They’ve decided on Enterprise Architect as the tool.
  • Need to get the 2/3/4 facilitators the same copy of Enterprise Architect (EA).
  • We think the old way was to get a license through Wilfred, and license was good for a lifetime; now the license is only good for a limited time.
  • Need to determine which version of Enterprise Architect to acquire. Start with analyzing the current version (v9.0) and determine if it won’t work for use.
  • Steve H: Sparks System has indicated they will provide EA with one-year licenses, as they’ve provided their tool to OMG and ANSI. At the end of the year, you can still use the product, you just can’t get upgrades.
  • To Do: Determine how to actually get the EA Software to the modelers.
  • Steve to provide contact info to Austin, Dave and Patrick.
  • Patrick: Will need an XML editor at some point in the future.
  • Steve H: Microsoft has a free XML editor (called XML Notepad).
  • Determine what XML editor should be used for our work. Continue to use XML Spy? Or perhaps the free Microsoft XML Editor
  • Dependancy: How to generate valid Schemas based on the new artifacts that SAIF IG will deliver.
  • Rick to coordinate with Jane Curry of Tooling
  • Patrick and Dave to review the OO project and get them cleaned up

SAIF BF WG Matrix Spreadsheet Review

  • Steve H. can assist with the EHR Functional Profile work.
  • Austin/Patrick should attend a call for EHR, SOA, and Struc Docs .

  • Dependancy: There is a dependency between the Balloting (and publishing) and the SAIF Artifact Definition project.
  • Tooling has to be involved in determining the tool to be used for publishing.

Mission/Charter Discussion

  • Austin modified the verbiage based on the team’s input.

Adjourned 10:56 AM Eastern Time

Meeting Outcomes

Actions (Include Owner, Action Item, and due date)
  • Team – Review/submit modifications to the SAIF BG WG spreadsheet.
  • Team – Review Mission/Charter
  • Steve H: Send the EA contact person to Austin, Dave and Patrick
  • Steve H. – Request to have Austin or Patrick join the EHR call (Tuesdays 2:30-4pm) and SOA call, Mondays at 4pm
  • Patrick and Dave - review the OO project and get them cleaned up
  • Austin/Patrick– Request to attend Strruc Doc’s CDA R3 call
  • Austin – Attend an INM call; find a Project Lead for the INM Wrapper Project #619
  • Dave – Determine what steps needs to be completed to acquire the EA software
  • Dave H – Create a Dependencies section on GForge. This will identify work that the PSC led Pilot Coordination Project will address. - DONE
  • Dave– Upload the updated SAIF BG WG spreadsheet to GForge - DONE
  • Dave – Add Dependancies to GForge - DONE

Future Items for the Team:

  • Team – Create an external communication plan for the program.
  • Team - Determine what XML editor should be used for our work. Continue to use XML Spy? Or perhaps the free Microsoft XML Editor? Tgt: 1 month out.
  • Team - Determine how to actually get the EA Software to the modelers.
  • Team – Identify other items that would need coordination.
  • Patrick/Austin/Rick/Dave –discuss the necessary coordination items

Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items
  • Approve Mission/Charter
  • Planning for Orlando
  • Detail out the SAIF BF WG spreadsheet
  • Scribe Volunteers for the 4/6 call?

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