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2011-12-05 Rx Conf Call

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  • List Discussions
    • FHIR
  • Action Items
    • Ballot Progress
    • Agenda - San Antonio - any updates
    • Out of Cycle Meeting Minutes - review and sign off
    • IHE Medication Profile White Paper - Any progress?
    • Reconstitution modelling
    • EHR Project
      • Do Pharmacy want to co-sponsor?
    • Services project
      • PSS to SOA
      • Conf call time
  • WG Health Measure - Harmonisation report
  • Planning
    • SWOT
    • Mission and Charter
  • Clinical Statement Comparison
  • Ballot prep for May 2012


  • AOB


  • Chair - Hugh
  • Scribe - Melva
  • Derrick Evans
  • Mike Krugman
  • John Hatem
  • Kevin Feenan
  • Julie James
  • Tom de Jong

List Discussions

Pharmacy and FHIR

  • deferred to next week


  • Marco has created a Google spreadsheet that he has shared with co-chairs
  • Tom will forward to list
  • Source of current definitions is a translated list from NL - will likely need to be updated
Co-Chairs to add to agenda for upcoming call to evaluate and determine plan
All - review in advance
Tom - post to list
Tom to reach out to Marco to invite to next weeks call

Joint meeting with IHE Pharmacy

  • story in HL7 eNews

Relationship Type

  • resolved for now

Ballot Progress

Knowledgebase Query

  • complete


  • a number of publishing issues including a new bug which should now be resolved
  • ballot is about to open with the initial version

WGM Agenda

Tom will post draft version to list

Out of Cycle Minutes

  • John will provide feedback
  • deferred to next week

IHE White Paper

  • no discussion

===Reconstitution Modelling---

  • no action


  • deferred to next week

Services Project

  • Hugh has forwarded version of PSS to SOA WG

Work Group Health

  • Attendance at Harmonization meetings
    • Hugh reviewed the proposal to try to increase attendance at Harmonization meetings
    • concerns that not all WGs have vocab facilitators
    • may be a requirement to send one representative from each WG or to send a formal response to the proposals
    • needs to be reviewed and approved by TSC
    • in principle this is a good idea, but a commitment of time and effort

SWOT and Mission and Charter

  • these were worked on in San Diego
  • both have been posted to List
  • It was moved by Tom and seconded by Julie to approve the SWOT and Mission and Charter as posted to the List
  • Carried (7/0/0)
Melva to send to HQ

Clinical Statement Comparison

  • John reviewed his analysis of the the comparison to Clinical statement model to Medication order RMIM
Hugh to reach out to Clinical Statement WG to invite to next weeks call
  • we need to discuss next steps and make a plan

Ballot Planning

  • next weeks call
  • Tom and Melva will not be able to make next weeks call, Hugh will chair.