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2011-06-06 Rx Conf Call

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Rob Hallowell (chair), Hugh Glover (notes), Julie James, John Hatem, Ana Estelrich, Jean-Henri Duteau, Tom deJong, Scott Robertson, Melva Peters, Tim Buxton

Room and Session Planning for September WGM (Tom)

Changes made are:

  • Tue 2 joint sessions reduced to 1
  • Wed Q2 Struct Doc
  • All Friday booked - for potential out of cycle

There was general agreement with these changes

ISO Dose Syntax (Tim)

  • Ballot on New Work Item Proposal claosed on 28th May - outcome unknown.
  • JIC decided it should be a JIC project - the aim being to make it more generic
  • Jo Goulding may not have support to continue but there will be an ISO lead
Tim will follow up as to who will taken over - probably John Arnott.
  • Because its a JIC project there are some hurdles to leap. Therefore John Quin has to hand it out within HL7. Document presented is not draft of final document.
Tim will drop John Quin a note that Pharmacy is interested

Planning (John/Melva)

  • Reviewed plan as presented by Melva
John will look at possibility of web space for draft publishing
  • The republish topics are:
    • common dispense
    • medication dispense
    • common order
    • med CMETs
  • Reminder - we won't combine any topics because we would have to reballot not just republish. Will NOT do any combination in the short term.
  • We will use the p[roject plan for weekly tarcking.
Melva will update and republish the plan

Action Item List

Hugh has identified tasks for individuals from the Action Item list and will publish them on the wiki.


Melva will send a list of vocab items will be sent to list.

DMP, WGM survey, Mission and Charter

The following items will improve our WG scoring

  • Review Decision Making Process document
Hugh already has an action item to review
  • WGM Survey - Tom has already done
  • Mission & Charter - to be reviewed in San Diego

IHE/HL7 XDW Discussion

  • Some lack of clarity on exactly the point at issue.
  • Eventually a sense that they could co-exist
  • To be explored further at the next call

Agenda for Next Week

  • Action Items & Plannoing
  • JIC follow up (hold over to following week - Tim away)
  • WGM Minutes

Appologies for next Week

Tom, Tim