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2011-04-26 Rx Conf Call

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Tom de Jong (chair), Hugh Glover (notes), Scott Robertson, Ana Estelrich, Vassil Petchev, Jean-Henri Duteau


Julie James, Rob Hallowell (joined only start of the meeting)

Action Items

There are no outstanding items.

Ballot Prep

One issue has been raised by Scott, Don happy to issue fix

Hugh will sort out and provide the fix tomorrow morning.

Publishing Joint

Invite Don Lloyd for WGM Monday Qtr 1 then some members of Pharmacy will go to Publishing later in the week.

Tom to organise.

IDMP Ballot Reconciliation

The comments have all been addressed as part of the ISO comments. They now need to be transcribed into the HL7 ballot spreadsheet for approval by Pharmacy. This is likely to happen in one of the next 2 conference calls or at the WGM.

Ongoing List Server Discussions

Nothing, but there is some content on IHE Pharmacy list - Tom/Ana think it worth spending time during WGM to cover issues.

WGM Agenda

Reviewed and amended.

Tue Q2 - Discuss CPM CMET issues

Hugh to send note to Hans (done)

Wed Q2 - Jean-Henri and Ana have some gap analysis docs.

Wed Q3 -

Jean-Henri  will ask Lloyd to attend.

Wed Q4 - Discussion of Business Process Models in Pharmacy

Ana has a white paper of prescriptions started by one doc and amended / closed by another.

CPM discussion about replacement of Medication CMETs

Hugh will try and do gap analysis in advance.
Tom will see if there will be enough people to be worth meeting on Friday.

Agenda for 3rd May

  • Standing Items
    • Report on action items
    • IDMP/ISO Ballot Reconciliation
    • Ongoing List Server Discussions
    • AoB
    • Agenda for next week
    • Expected attendance and apologies
  • WGM Agenda
  • Medication CMETS from CPM
  • Preparatory material for WGM

Expected Attendance

Rob Hallowell (chair), Ana Estelrich, Tom de Jong, Hugh Glover, Julie James, Scott Robertson, Vassil Petchev