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20100117 arb minutes

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ARB Sunday Minutes


Arb: Ron Parker, Jane Curry, Andy Boyd, Grahame Grieve, Wendell Occasio, Charlie Mead, Ann Wrightson, Patrick Loyd, John Koisch,

Call to order at 9:00am U. S. Eastern

  • Sunday Q1
    • Call to order
    • Approval of Agenda for Sunday
    • Approval of Agenda for WGM
    • Approval of Minutes
    • Review of Decision Making Practices
    • TSC update (Ron Parker)

Membership Criteria: CM: We (arb)submitted and voted on membership criteria. TSC made non-substantive changes, which was published. TSC voted on and passed. Changes were TSC control over membership: preponderance of membership and perception of competance.

Tony will get final version from Lynn.

CM: TSC was active and productive for ARB and SAEAF. Discussion over the course of day about governance, and how it will happen. Issues about timing of SAEAF. ArB is not doing a good job of disseminating the SAEAF. To adopt takes top-down, and to implement takes governance. We need to do Architectural Harmonization. CM: NCI believes that SAEAF is intellectual property of HL7. Multiple organizations will have implementation guides. HL7 needs to worry about it's knowledge, and the HDF. NCI will support the tools to manage, and share the tooling to manage the SAEAF-derived semantic comtent, which they will share with the larger community. CM: We need governance: What we need to do is to go back to TSC with concrete notion of a architectural harmomnization would look like. How do we capture, and manage it. Discussion was held about the aspects of SAEAF and TOGAF. WO: There are a significant numbr of items in the stack that are addressed in both. CM: There is no real need to even do a formal alignment. The excercise is to make sure your framework is covered by both. JK: What does TOGAF say about conformance? SAEAF is an instance of TOGAF that focuses on interoperability - for a given community. AB: SAEAF is not an instance of TOGAF. We need to enable the instances to exist, and interoperate. RP: Challanging for us to maintain SAEAF as an alternative or form of enterprise architecture - it is risky. Produce aretifacts that will export to HL7, to be used to build architecture. (Insert rons drawing 1) CM: Focus on interoperability. TSC discussed the name again. RP: Causes me angst - having to change the name to convey the meaning. People are desparate for coherent strategy for interoperability. We are grossly over-selling this - we need to tone down the rhetoric. CM: Closing the gap between rhetoric and reality. RP: We need to discuss communication strategy: Enterprises do not need to build saeaf - they need to rely on a robust SAEAF expression of working interoperability(WI) to achieve it. AB: Do not use SAEAF and enterprise architecture in the same breath. AW: Whitepaper on SAEAF vs TOGAF would be useful. RB: My experience with TOGAF will not change SAEAF. JC: SAEAF is a filter. RB: Zachman is about business architecture. TOGAF will not solve the problems SAEAF addresses - and vice-versa. SAEAF is to deliver interoperablity. AW: COnclustion that it offers a toolkit, that will produce something like SAEAF. RP: Premise is that I have a project, and I need to use achieve WI. Not Radically different, we are discussing the WI. There are huge implications of the understanding - business needs to be able to determine where it fits in the SAEAF. RP: How does HL7 show derivation from the SAEAF? Is XYZ in the requiremenst? Where in the SPec? JK: At NCI have undertaken to understand HITSP interoperability spec( not core). A lot of alignment to the Behavioral Framework. Heart of it is traceability. Must be generally expressed in terms of EHR-FM, and how do you express in services? Work is maturing. Will share with ArB when ready. CM: Goal is to get SAEAF into the federal health mindset.

    • Behavioral Framework (John Koisch)
    • Blueprint2015 Alpha Project (Ron Parker)

RP: Need to understand fit between SAEAF and TOGAF.

    • Adjournment
  • Q2
    • Call to order
    • Stan Huff's Product Strategy work
    • SAEAF XHTML Review
    • Governance Review and Discussion (Jane Curry)
    • Adjournment
  • Q3
    • Call to order
    • Governance Review and Discussion(Jane Curry)
    • Adjournment
  • Tuesday Q4
    • Call to order
    • Approval of Agenda for Quarter
    • Review of Membership Criteria
    • Discussion on Alpha Presentations to date(Alpha Facilitators)
    • Adjournment
    • Wednesday Q4 - Alpha Projects JAM session
  • Thursday Q3
    • Call to order
    • Approval of Agenda for Quarter/Day
    • SAEAF and RIMBA (Michael)
    • Results of meeting w/technical services( Ron Parker)
    • Items brought up this meeting
    • Adjournment

Thursday Q4

    • Call to order
    • Approval of Agenda for Quarter
    • Schedule for SAEAF document Publishing
    • Other business and planning
    • Telcon Schedule
    • Next WGM meeting schedule (day/quarter)
    • Adjournment