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20100107 arb minutes

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Architecture Review Board

January 7, 2010

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Name PresentWith AffiliationE-mail address
Aneja, Paul No Guest    
Bond, Andy No ArB    
Curry, Jane Yes ArB Health Information
Grieve, Grahame No ArB Kestral
Hufnagle, Steve No Guest    
Julian, Tony Yes ArB Mayo
Koehn, Marc Yes Guest   
Koisch, John Yes ArB
Loyd, Patrick No ARB Gordon point Informatics LTD.
Lynch, Cecil Yes ArB ontoreason
Mead, Charlie No ArB Booz Allen
Nelson, Dale No Arb
Ocasio, Wendell Yes ArB Agilex
Parker, Ron Yes ArB CA
Peres, Greg No Guest   
Platt, Joe No Guest Ekagra Software
Quinn, John No ArB Health Level Seven,
Robertson, Scott No Guest Kaiser
Shakir, Abdul-Malik No ArB Shakir
Smith, Karen Yes Guest Technical
Thompson, Cliff Yes Guest OntoSolutions LLC
VanArsdall, Eddie No Guest


  • Results of TSC's review of ARB Membership Criterion.
  • Outline of the recent work on ECCF and Behavioural Framework.
  • Review of Phoenx ARB meetings / events / tutorials
  • Discussion of Stan Huff's Product Strategy work
  • SAEAF XHTML walkthrough

Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 10:00am U.S. Eastern. Quorum was achieved.

Minute approval

The minutes of December 17, 2009 were accepted.

Results of TSC's review of ARB Membership Criterion.

  • Ron: Thanks for reviewing. Ron Collected feedback concerning terms and organizational changes by members, which may prompt review of membership. To ensure that the sponsor would continue to contribute.
  • Wendell: - Preponderance of influence:
  • Ron: The CTO will need to weight the preponderance if someone switches organizations. Not a fixed rule. CTO has to rationalize his appointments to the TSC to maintain check-and-balance.

Outline of the recent work on ECCF and Behavioural Framework.

  • Ron: There have been updates by Charlie on the ECCF and BF. Charlie pushed to everyone. In fact Karen pushed it on Dec. 28. Karen edited the changes.Karen: Have you talked to charlie about his expectations for review?
  • Karen: No, after the update the BF will be sent to charlie. I dont want to get it too complex, am waiting for Charlie to get back, then will send to John.
  • Karen: The BF needs one new schedule and the information should be about the dynamic model, and I have not heard back from AMS. It will be schedule 10, at the end.
  • John: There is a portion of the BF about the dynamic model. Charlie, Karen, and I had a round of e-mail, and it should be either in the appendix, since karen has done all of her edits. What is holding it up is response from AMS since he did the original, and vetted by MnM.
  • Ron: Any more updates?
  • Karen:yes, I moved the dynamic model info to the appendix already, and am waiting for AMS to send me the dynamic model dump for table 10o

Ron's Alpha Project Blueprint2015

  • Ron: My project Blueprint2015 is an external project: Can this project be sponsored by the ArB?
MOTION: ARB to act as sponsor for Blueprint 2015 project (Ron/Tony).  (5-0-0)
  • Blueprint 2015 is the Canadian effort to update their architecture, to test the elements of the SAEAF, and work down from Business. Will be producing mechanisms for interfaces in a service context - in a manner that is consistent with ECCF. This is not one domain specific, crosses domains, but does not produce HL7 artifacts.
  • Wendell: What does this mean?
  • Ron: I will liason to the project, and present to ArB.
  • Wendell: How is that different from an alpha project?
  • Ron: My project is an architectural level project.
  • Wendell: Similar to NCI alignment to the ECCF?
  • Ron: I want to sit down at Phoenix so that John and others can review.
  • Wendell: Thanks

Review of Phoenix ARB meetings / events / tutorials

  • Ron: Ron and Charlie will attend TSC saturday. We have three quarters on Sunday, and there is a tutorial on sunday. John will have Thursday afternoon.
  • Ron: If we need the room we will have it.
  • Ron: What do we want to accomplish?
  • John: Agenda Item: BF - goal to come to vote on Arb Endorsing the framework.
  • Ron: People need access to material in advance. John will follow up with Charlie.
  • Ron: In the morning Blueprint2015 for 20-3o minutes
  • Ron: Set time aside for Product Strategy work - 60 minutes, including Arb role, relevance, and governance.
  • Ron will solicit to listserv. Hoping to fill 2q's, not necessarily 3rd q.

Discussion of Stan Huff's Product Strategy work

  • Ron: We will talk about it on sunday, early stages. Stan has been challenged with current state, products, and once we have concensus, it is interesting to note the degree of interest. Not clear what we will do yet.

SAEAF DITA XHMTL output(Karen Smith)

  • Karen presented the xhtml of the SAEAF xhtml output. She walked through the navigation. She is currently adding to the ECCF, and has added certification.Karen walked through the BF.
  • Ron: Karen, can we insert version numbers of sections in the HTML output. We have a goal to be able to version pieces, and update in a fashion.
  • Karen: Yes, we have the ability to do so.
  • Ron: I feel that since the artifacts will evolve, that versioning is important.
  • Karen: Yes. You can insert the redlines, showing insertion and edit.
  • Ron: I have to meet with publishing.
  • Karen: I will send this out today.

Other business and planning for next meetings

  • Ron: Q2 Wednesday meeting with publishing to give them a sense of what we are doing.
  • Karen: OK - So who will I send the zip file to? Everyone?
  • Ron: I will get it to the right hands for Wednesday. I am traveling to Phoenix on Friday of next week.
  • Karen: I will send as a zip today. I will add the other information for the ECCF. After I do that I will send a new zip, maybe next thursday. It will be good enough for the group.
  • Q4 Wednesday
    • Marc: the main thing is that this is no longer a rah-rah meeting - we will reserve that time as an opportunity for projects to come together and compare notes: To surface barriers, issues, and "ah-hah's". Use as feedback to the ArB. In addition to materials, hope that each WorkGroup that has a project has a quarter to work on it.
    • Marc: Hope to have morning announcements. Q4 is for projects to come together and compare barriers, issues.
  • Ron: Hope to know on Sunday when the Work Groups are meeting on their projects.
  • Ron: John will expect vote on BF on Sunday.
  • Ron: Need to provide synopsis of status. Is Charlie in US or Europe?
  • John: He is at the NCI budgeting meetings. I will include in e-mail.


 Motion to adjourn at 10:51. U.S. eastern.

Tony 16:13, 7 January 2010 (UTC)