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2010-12-29 PA Call Minutes

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Meeting Information

HL7 Patient Administration Meeting Minutes

Phone Number: +1 770-657-9270
Participant Passcode: 986210

Date: Wed 2010-12-29
Time: 09:00 AM (US Eastern Time, GMT -5)
Facilitator Gregg Seppala Note taker(s) Gregg Seppala
Attendee Name Affiliation
X Gregg Seppala Veterans Health Administration
X Jay Zimmerman Canada Health Infoway.
X Irma Jongeneel-de Haas NICTIZ
X Wendy Huang Canada Health Infoway
X Sasha Bojicic Canada Health Infoway
Quorum Requirements Met: Yes
PAwg DMP defines quorum as chair plus four PAwg members


Agenda Topics

  1. Approve agenda
  2. Elect acting co-chair for Sydney WGM
  3. Adjust quorum requirement for Sydney WGM
  4. Review meeting agenda for Sydney WGM

Supporting Documents

  1. Patient Administration Agenda for 2011-01 WGM


Minutes/Conclusions Reached:

  1. No changes to agenda
  2. MOTION (Jay/Sasha): Elect Irma Jongeneel-de Haas as acting co-chair for Sydney WGM
    • DISCUSSION: None. No other candidates offered.
    • VOTE: 4/0/0
  3. MOTION (Jay/Irma): Adjust quorum to co-chair plus two PAwg members for Sydney WGM
    • DISCUSSION: Current quorum is set at co-chair plus four but that level may not be achieved in all meetings. In particular, the Monday and Tuesday sessions on the Encounter topics.
    • VOTE: 4/0/0
  4. Reviewed posted PA meeting agenda for Sydney. No changes proposed.
  5. Adjourned 09:30 pm EST.

NOTE: These minutes were edited on 12-30-2010, replacing the term "interim" co-chair with the more correct term "acting" co-chair since Irma's appointment is intended to be for the Sydney WGM only.

Meeting Outcomes

  • Gregg will inform PA list and HL7 HQ regarding interim co-chair election results
  • Gregg will create meeting minutes templates for WGM, to include links to relevant resources such as V2 proposals database
  • Gregg or Jay will be responsible for officially posting meeting room requirements for Orlando meeting
Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items
  • Next meeting, Monday January 10, 2011 at Sydney WGM

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