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2010-07-22 Call Minutes

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HL7 Ambulatory Oncology Functional Profile Meeting

Meeting Logistics

Date/Time: Thursday, July 22, 2010 / 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EST


  1. Welcome and Introductions
    • Attendees:
      Helen Stevens (co-chair)
      John Ritter (EHR WG co-chair)
      Wendy Bleumenthal (CDC NPCR)
      Sandy Jones - nee Thames (CDC NPCR)
      Dr. Lisa Richardson (CDC NPCR)
      Dr. Richard Moldwin (CAP)
      Christine Bester (GPi)
      Carmel Kent (IBM)
    • A round table introduction was conducted as there are several new participants.
  2. Agenda review and approval
    • Agenda reviewed. Decision was make to work on the Overview document for the first hour as Lisa had to leave early.
  3. Approval of minutes from previous calls: July 8th
    • Minutes approved with one typo correction.
  4. Review Actions from previous meeting(s)
    1. Helen to contact Lori Havener (NAACCR) and Kenneth Gerlach (CDC) regarding ballot questions
      • outstanding
    2. Helen to update Overview Chapter with proposed changes from ballot reconciliation (sections 6 & 7)
      • Completed.
  5. Overview Chapter - Clinical Review & Ballot Reconciliation
    • The group started walking through the Storyboard (Section 6) in the Overview chapter. Several changes were noted to resolve inconsistencies and to identify more specifics regarding the laboratory testing and reporting to cancer registries. See attached Overview Chapter (Revision Markers and comments indicate proposed changes from ballot reconciliation).
    • Background ballot reconciliation files (for reference only) Ballot Results ZIP file and Ballot Reconciliation Worksheet(ZIP)
  6. CDC NPCR Project Status Update (Sandy)
    • Sandy and Wendy provided a brief update on the progress at the NPCR.
  7. NCI Project Status Update (Salimah)
    • Non provided as Salimah was not in attendance.
  8. Other business
    • AOFP Team leadership discussion.
      • Helen indicated that there was a need to identify a more active co-chair for this group as Carla Wood has not been able to participate or attend calls in several months. Sandy indicated that the NPCR is currently working on identifying funding/resources to support this effort.
  9. Agenda items for next meeting (August 5th)
    • Continued review of the Overview Chapter Sections 6 and 7. Team members need to review this material offline before next call and submit changes/comments/additions to Helen so that it can be reviewed on this call.